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Which MIFARE Ⓡ contactless card couplers do Evolis printers support?

Help on which MIFARE Ⓡ contactless card couplers Evolis printers support.

For specific development projects

Evolis printers come with several built in models of couplers for MIFARE Ⓡ 13,56 MHz and proximity 125 KHz contactless cards. The printers have been modified so that the antenna coupler is installed:
- Above the receptacle in Pebble and Dualys printers.
- Between the card receptacles and the printing module in the industrial printer, Quantum.

List of already integrated couplers

Gemplus Easylink 680 SL
- ISO 14443 A (MIFARE Ⓡ)
- RS232
- 12 V power supply.

ACG P+P6152 BA

- ISO14443A (MIFARE Ⓡ standard, MIFARE Ultralight Ⓡ and 4Kbyte)
- RS232
- 5 V power supply.

ASK GEN325 + GEN353 + Antenna ANLP (sold by ASK as OEM product)

-ISO14443A&B, ASK cards and MIFARE Classic Ⓡ
-24 V power supply.

Digion D24 Mifare

-ISO 14443 A (MIFARE Ⓡ)
-24 V power supply.

Digion D24 HID

-24 V power supply
-HID 125 K Hz. Read only.
Please call our sales team for references not listed.
MIFARE Ⓡ is a registered trademark of NXP, BV.

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