Evolis Securion, new printer for highly secure cards

Angers, France - March 14, 2007- Evolis, the European leader in plastic card printers, announces the Securion, a one-stop solution for personalizing and laminating cards with full-fledged security.

Securion is equipped with a dual-sided color-printing module and a lamination station. This printer stands as a powerful solution for issuing highly secure badges, at a high throughput (up to 120 cards per hour) and in a single pass.
The Securion integrated lamination device applies a transparent or holographic film through a hot roller technology, to cover the whole surface of the card. This process greatly extends the lifespan of any card and insulates it against data misuse.
To prevent forgery, Securion provides two levels of security: a logic-based security that requires a password for the printer activation itself, and a physical lock to thwart unauthorized access to films, ribbons and cards in the feeder.

The Securion printer is the ideal solution to personalize and durably protect secured badges. It scales to the demanding security requirements from governmental applications, whether for identity cards, identification badges, or driving licenses. Securion also complies with corporate security fundamentals, for identification in harbors, airports, hospitals, universities, and in sensitive areas that call for resilience and fraud-proof identification.

«The Securion printer combines the latest technological innovation in printing and encoding to bring performance, quality and reliability to users. The only printer in its category to come with a two-year warranty, Securion sets a new performance/price standard thanks to a very competitive cost per card», says Eric Bouvard, Product Marketing and Project Manager.

Technical focus

The standard version comes with a full range of advanced features. Securion is a flexible solution with optimized network connectivity and outstanding graphical quality. Securion provides:
- Printing drivers for Windows TM XP, 2003 and Vista (32 and 64 bits),
- A LCD screen,
- A port monitor,
- A motherboard with 16 MB of RAM and with USB and Ethernet connectivity.

Securion supports and combines multiple encoding options: magnetic ISO and JIS, smart cards encoders, and contactless cards encoders compliant with the ISO 14443 A and ISO B, MIFARE Ⓡ, MIFARE DESFire Ⓡ and HID iCLASS standards.

Wednesday 14 March 2007
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