La Suite RFID

La Suite RFID is a series of software tools with the main function of making it easier for users and integrators to use contactless cards with any application.

ID Transfer

Transfer the identification of a card to wherever you need to

ID Transfer allows you to read and export the identifiers of a card (facilitycode, systemcode…) to wherever you need them. Place the card on the reader and you will receive the ID in your application. It is that simple.


Identify and analyse RFID 13.56MHz cards

ReadCard is an easy-to-use tool for reading the structure and content of 13.56MHz contactless proximity cards.


FindFormat identifies the Wiegand format of any card

FindFormat offers a complete solution for analysing the encoded format of any card. With a simple assistant you will be able to determine the format of any RFID card in a quick and intuitive way.


The first DESFire Ⓡ card programmer on the market

DataEncoder is the answer to the growing demand of a program that writes ISO 14443A MIFARE DESFire Ⓡ & MIFARE Classic Ⓡ cards by batch or one by one. You can configure the desired format (Wiegand 26, 34, 37, flexible) in the system and even create your own formats.


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