New feature for Evolis card printers: the port monitor

Evolis, the French manufacturer of customized card printing solutions, adds a port monitor to all its card printers and sets new levels of user experience.

The port monitor will now be available for the entire range of Evolis printers, allowing users to simply and remotely monitor their printers, right from their computer screen.
Messages are directly displayed through a pop-up window providing clear and instant troubleshooting data related to the printer’s operating condition, such as status of the feeder, end of ribbon issues and card jamming notifications. Users get reliable data to effectively track and solve printing issues.
The Evolis port monitor does not display messages on a permanent basis nor takes up unnecessary computer resources. The feature operates only when the printer is running.
The messages are currently available in French or English and can be translated on request in several other languages.
This new feature highlights Evolis’ commitment to providing quality printing solutions that are easy to use.

Installation and operation

- The new feature is available for all the Evolis printers: Tattoo, Pebble, Dualys and Quantum.
- The Evolis port monitor supports Windows NT 4.00/2000/XP, and initializes automatically after installation through a Windows driver.
- Current users willing to enhance their existing printers simply need to upgrade the Evolis firmware (version 06xx).

Monday 22 May 2006
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