Nisca ribbons

YMCKO 250 cards ribbon

ID card colour printing, single side

A3M offers the standard colour dye sublimation ribbon from Nisca. Fantastic print quality.

6 panels YMCKOK ribbon 250 cards

Nisca colour ribbon for double-sided printing

A3M offers double sided, 6 panel YMCKOK ribbons for Nisca card printers.

Black ribbon for card personalisation

Standard black ribbon to personalise printed cards

Nisca black ribbons are designed for printing texts, numbers and barcodes on PVC ID cards.

YMCFK ribbon with UV ink

Nisca colour ribbon with UV ink capability to print secured ID cards

The YMCFK ribbons are designed to print ID cards in full colour with photos, and are able to print any text or logo with UV ink.

Transparent lamination ribbon

25 microns thick lamination ribbon from Nisca

Nisca transparent lamination ribbon: protect your ID cards with a 25 microns protection layer of hard plastic in patch.

Hologram Ribbon

1 mil thick security hologram ribbon for secured ID documents

Hologram lamination combines the advantages of transparent lamination in terms of ID card durability, plus an additional security level thanks to the presence of the holographic image.


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