On the Desktop - Windows Logon

Secure logical access solution

Navigo On The Desktop is A3M’s solution for easy and secure access to your Windows session with RFID cards instead of standard user/password recognition.

HID on the Desktop

HID on the Desktop™ delivers user-friendly convenience and improved risk management and physical/data security for small and large-sized corporations. Now you can log on to your computer with the same badge used for opening doors.
- Simple– The Navigo simplified installment accelerates return on investment and allows the administrator to manage the logical access control with contactless cards.
- Compatible– With a wide range of RFID cards: MIFARE Ⓡ, MIFARE DESFire Ⓡ, iCLASS®, HID Prox and Crescendo®.
- Secure– Double authentification (card + pin) eliminates concern over password hacking.
- Convenient– Use the same exact card for physical access (doors) and logical access (Windows® log-on).
- Flexible– Offers self-service and administrator driven workflows.
- Value– Leverage existing HID deployed cards; no need to reissue.


Navigo uses Omnikey Cardman 5321 USB readers to read the RFID encoded identification badge. Easy to use, easy to place and with a low price, the reader adds a technological touch to the workplace.

Navigo in laptops

The use of Navigo in laptops is allowed by an agreement with DELL, thus enabling total compatibility with the Latitude range of laptops from the company, which integrate an internal RFID reader.

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