Spotlight on the Evolis printers during the 59th Cannes Film Festival

Evolis, manufacturer of printers for plastic cards customization and Tech-Event, provider of registration technologies for the event industry, joined hands to manage accreditation badges during the 59th Cannes Film Festival.

Thirty Evolis Pebble printers were featured at the Palais du Festival in Cannes from May 7 to 28, to issue 55,000 accreditation badges for film professionals and fans without any hitches or glitches.
The reliability and the impressive printing quality of the Evolis printers, as well as the accuracy and performance of Tech-Event’s registration solution, altogether impressed the organizers of the Festival for the third consecutive year.

Movie fans from all over the world obtained their personalized access badges (text, color photo, bar code) instantly, providing them with authorized access to all official events hosted during the Festival.
With a zero defect rate and more than 50,000 cards customized during each of the last three Festivals, the Pebble from Evolis, star of the show, managed to make each of these challenging events a great success.

Friday 9 June 2006
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