Programming kit for MIFARE cards

Card programming software

CardProg3 programming kit for MIFARE ® ID cards

With our programming kit for MIFARE ® you will be able to write and read every MIFARE ® card sector. Includes the program CardProg3 and the MIFARE ® technology reader LGM4200 with an interactive screen.

Card programming software
Card programming software


With its attractive price, our MIFARE ® card programming kit is an ideal tool for:
– Reading the USN serial number of MIFARE ® cards.
– Reading card sectors and blocks.
– Encoding data into MIFARE ® chip.
– Adding MIFARE ® employee cards, loyalty cards, student ID cards, access control cards, etc.
The reader includes a USB connection, allowing it to run immediately. Runs with the following platforms: Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10.
MIFARE ® is a registered trademark of NXP, BV.

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