Security key cabinets

The Alkey KMS range of security key cabinets feature very high quality rugged cabinets with state of the art intelligence for user control and monitoring.
Each key cabinet has a large integrated touch screen for a simple operation interface.
Each key bunch has a RFID tag, so the cabinet door can be automatically opened to return the keys. The Alkey software is multi-user and multi-site to provide a thorough security solution for even the most complex applications.

Benefits of key cabinets

Key management solution by cabinet system adaptable to your needs

The Alkey key cabinets system innovates with its intelligence and interactivity with access control systems. The KMS key cabinet offers security and ease of use with unique management comfort. One or more key management cabinets in your company or establishment allow you to maintain control of your access at all times. The cabinet manages your keys in autonomous mode thanks to its integrated control display or in a network through its configuration and monitoring software.

Key cabinets range

Intelligent electronic keys cabinets for efficient and secure management of keys

Our key cabinets secure the management of all keys inside your company, as well as track how they are used, user by user and key by key, thanks to the patented RFID keyrings. One user may retrieve the key he is authorized to and no other key will be freed for him, only at the hour and day he has been attributed the privileges for.
Totally autonomous with their smoothly integrated touch screens or controlled through the Alkey software, KMS cabinets may be administrated locally or remotely through the Ethernet network.

Control in sensitive areas

Key management allows you to control the sensitive areas of your organisation

Controlling your keys means controlling the accesses to your premises for a price much lower than setting up a real access control system using RFID cards. The KMS (Keys Management System) cabinet is a permanent control tool for sensitive or remote areas: not only do you decide who can open and when, but you also have a real-time tracking of the activity of keys to find out who has accessed the different sensitive areas of your company or organization.

Manage a large number of keys

Rationalise the management of keys with the corresponding users

The more the volume of keys increases within a company, the more difficult key management becomes and takes on critical organizational aspects. Effectively managing a large volume of keys goes through a control and monitoring installation, traceability, establishment of privileges and real-time management that only a smart cabinet such as our KMS can offer. For key volumes greater than 200 keys, several cabinets in a dedicated room, or smaller cabinets located on the sites concerned, can be installed in the same network with real-time interactions.