Turnstiles and barriers

A3M tripod turnstile. Synonymous with quality, reliability and integration possibilities in the most advanced access control and badge or biometric identification systems. An ideal turnstile in the gym, recreation center, library, sports center, company, canteen. The tripod turnstile A3M is the choice of resellers and integrators as much for its characteristics as for its price.

TTS1HEAD tripod turnstile head

Tripod compact access control turnstile for embedded applications

The TTS1HEAD tripod turnstile is compact and easy to integrate into environments where space is limited. It consists of the head of the tripod turnstile, without ground anchor, for direct attachment to a wall or a dedicated support such as a barrier or handrail. Its attachment points in the rear part allow to fix it in the most suitable position for an easy and fast pedestrian crossing.

TTS1 tripod turnstile

TTS1 is a bidirectionnal stainless steel tripod turnstile ideal for RFID badge access

The TTS1 tripod turnstile benefits from the experience of A3M, the leading group of access control systems. It concentrates the main qualities of pedestrian access in a turnstile that is robust, compact and easy to install, at a very tight price. Bidirectional, it is ideal for gyms and for the control of the entry and exit in SMEs, libraries, auditoriums, trade shows etc...

TTS1M coin operated turnstile

TTS1M coin operated turnstile for controlling paid admissions

Some sectors require the payment of a small amount of money or the purchase of a token to access a zone or service controlled by a tripod turnstile. A3M has developed a coining turnstile that responds to the demand for quick and easy entry control for access to museums, monuments, recreation centers or public toilets.

TTS1PLAT platform turnstile

The turnstile for events: put it up, connect it and manage your access

TTS1PLAT is a TTS1 turnstile installed on a platform with removable ramps, equipped with a handrail to channel the passage. A tripod turnstile ideal for temporary access control that installs in an instant, without the need for ground anchoring, without civil engineering. For temporary operations such as access control in events, congresses, exhibitions, construction sites. Can be equipped with RFID readers for events RFID wristbands or events ID cards.

TTS1KT turnstile for paid toilets

Control paid access to your public toilets with the TTS1KT tripod turnstile

Control the payment of access to your public toilets in a simple and economic way with a totally integrated solution: turnstile, coin mechanism, color screen and receipt printer. The payment terminal system is part of the TTS1KT tripod turnstile body. This unique integration of the global bathroom access control solution facilitates check-in and check-out, making your investment profitable.

Capacity control turnstile

The turnstile that limits maximum occupancy in your controlled area

Health crises and safety regulations impose measures to limit the number of visitors to multiple sectors of activity. A3M has developed a new management system that automatically blocks access when the instant maximum occupancy is reached. The tripod turnstile with PassCount3 option monitors entries and exits and controls your area’s capacity in a totally autonomous way, turnstile by turnstile or in a network to sum up all your accesses.

TTS11 double passage turnstile

TTS11 turnstile: the dual flow access control saves space and budget

The TTS11 is a turnstile with two tripod modules for double passage access control systems. Ideal to separate the entrance from the exit, for a minimum space and price. This tripod turnstile double pass is an effective response to this recurring problem, especially at sports centers, fitness etc... to simplify and streamline your access control installation.

TTS2 Bridge turnstile

TTS2 is the most simple and economical access control turnstile

The TTS2 bridge turnstile is compact and easy to install. Its tripod arms module is extremely robust, it manages and controls the entry and exit to your premises, your sports club, swimming pool, camping, library etc... A very successful turnstile at a really low price that is affordable for any organization.

TTS2A3 bridge turnstile

Tripod bridge turnstile for badge readers and biometrics integration

The TTS2A3 is a bridge turnstile that facilitates the access control systems installation such as MIFARE or 125Khz badge readers, as well as biometric data readers. Its design is distinguished by its inclined top cover, and can also be an interesting option for more comfort when reading access badges.

TTS2GT turnstile

TTS2GT is the high standing turnstile in the range of A3M tripods

Modern and different, A3M is unveiling its new tripod for managing access to work, sport or leisure centers. A tripod with functions specific to turnstile access control, which can be equipped with a passage management system by badge, barcode or biometrics. TTS2GT is also a design that stands out among the tripod turnstiles: upper cover in black plexiglass, discreet blue LED thread, rounded feet with pictograms integrated by laser cutting. A future best-seller.

Pedestal post for badge reader

A3M produces your stainless steel custom-made badge reader pedestal

The RFID badge reader support is an often essential access control element because it allows a user-friendly and enjoyable use of badge readers and the access control system in general. A3M offers you its tailor-made posts in stainless steel, extremely robust with a very beautiful presentation. They will complement your tripod turnstile or access gate installation in the best possible way.

Stainless steel handrail

Standard or tailor-made stainless steel handrail: channel your access with style

The A3M handrail is available in standard dimensions but can also be custom made. It is installed as a complement to the entry tripod turnstile or passageway corridor and enclose the space that remains free to prevent the unauthorized passage. High standing design with polished stainless steel finish.

TTSP1 Swing gate

One-way flow swing gate with manual opening for flow management

TTSP1 is an access control manual swing gate. Mono-directional, it manages the direction of entry and exit. Its opening is manual, just push the door to access, closing is automatic and damped. Easy to install, it is your ally in the gym, business, supermarkets, museums, libraries for an economical selling price. A convenient entry and exit access control device that complements your turnstiles and speed gates.

TTSPM motorized turnstile

TTSPM bidirectional motor-driven access control gateway adapted for disabled persons

TTSPM is an elegant motor-driven swing gate that allows you to enable a regulatory passage for people with reduced mobility. Robust and with a stainless steel body, the gate is bidirectional and has opening and closing configuration settings. It is the ideal complement to the tripod turnstile as well as speed gate in your access control system.

TTSPMVIP Motorized rotating gate

TTSPMVIP: high standing motorized access gate by A3M for your entrance hall

Why not install a luxury gate in your lobby? The A3M VIP gate offers you high-end access services: features a progressive and silent movement, transparent or personalized plexiglass window, choice of opening time, LED indication of passage. Make an irreproachable first impression to your staff and visitors!

TTS3MT4 Rotating gate

TTS3MT4 is a 4-arm mechanical rotating gate for channeling flows

The TTS3MT4 swing gate directs pedestrian access to your premises. Equipped with a non-return ratchet, it is ideal for allowing free exit by prohibiting unauthorized entry. A well-kept design with a shiny chrome steel finish that contributes to the impeccable look of your entrance hall.

Defender TTSFHDS rotor turnstile

TTSFHDS is a full height turnstile for high security access control

Defender TTSFHDS is a high security access control turnstile. Full height to deter intrusion, controlled by the Access Management System, it prevents unauthorized entry or exit without the need for human monitoring. Compact and easily transportable, this is the ideal full height turnstile on any site with a difficult access. A best-sellerfor physical access control in companies, sports clubs or gyms and construction sites.

TTSFHKS Defender turnstile

Security full height turnstile for access control systems

The TTSFHKS Defender turnstile is a rugged full height safety turnstile that has a great presentation. Ideal for on-site access control systems whose entry and exit must be controlled with certainty: access site, entry and exit of factory, leisure park, industrial zone, 24H gymnasium.

Full height turnstile with platform

Full height access control turnstile with build-in supporting platform

The anchoring to the ground of a full height turnstile requires the adaptation of the ground before its installation, generally passing through the manufacture of a concrete slab. In the context of temporary access control systems such as on a construction site or access management on events, the turnstile system on a support platform is largely preferable for its ease and simplicity of implementation.

TTSFHKD double passage full height turnstile

Full height turnstile combining two passages in the same structure

The TTSFHKD full-height turnstile offers a large capacity for access control concentrated in a compact structure which houses two passages, each of them with its individual rotor. The turnstile allows the entry flow to be separated from the exit flow. The important height of the access turnstile and its large awning provide maximum security against intrusion.

Full height XXL turnstile door

TTSFHDSXXL is a wide passage turnstile door for access control

The XXL rotatory turnstile door combines the security of the full height turnstiles access control with a wider passage width. It combines the protection features of an impassable obstacle with an advantegous convenience in facilities where heterogeneous audiences are expected. Tailor-made, the XXL full height door is mainly placed in access to cultural and leisure places : museums, campsites, leisure parks, zoos, administrative buildings.

TTSHHSFI3 Half-height access turnstile

Half-height turnstile: intermediate security between the full-height turnstile and the tripod turnstile

You are looking for a robust obstacle with a beautiful presentation, more restrictive than a tripod and less intrusive than a full-height turnstile. The TTSHHSFI3 half-height turnstile makes unauthorized passage difficult. It increases the level of security promoting the efficiency of access control systems by RFID badge or biometric readers. An elegant access control turnstile, made of stainless steel, able to accommodate the public in many environments.

Full height access security gate

Full height manual gate for access control in factories and worksites

The access gate is widely used as a complement to an access control system with full height turnstiles. Made of the same materials and with a passage height identical to the full height turnstile, it meets several needs: disabled access thanks to its width of 90cm or more, passage with bulky objects and emergency exit. A robust and inexpensive swing gate that is also frequently requested in the construction sector for site access.

TTSCP120 speed gate

Modern appealing design for this sliding speed gate with half height crystal panels

The TTSCP120 speed gate is a high-end system for access control with retractable sliding gates. The gates’ cabinets are manufactured out of stainless steel with a very sleek design that incorporates the most advanced detection technologies. It provides precise, reliable and fast entry management to your premises. The TTSCP120 speed gate is build to order so you can choose the colors of the top cover as well as that of the sliding panels to fit with your corporate identity scheme. Logo personalization is available as well for this speed lane.

TTSCPR1 Speed gate

Access control swing speed gate with a premium design for your company entrance

The TTSCPR1 speed lane offers stainless steel cabinets with one of the sleekest designs ever experienced for a swing gate. Its extraordinary slim cabinets optimize the available space and the advanced opto-electronics management offers extensive control in your entrance hall. Designed for the integration of badge readers, the speed lane is a fundamental element of the access control to premium offices. The swing gate design of the TTSCPR1 is available in both the standard 65cm passage unit version and the normalised 90cm version for easy access of persons with reduced mobility.

TTSCPR2 outdoor speed gate

TTSCPR2 robust speed lane for outdoor installations

TTSCPR2 is a swing speed lane that has been specifically developed to be installed outdoors, an exceptional feature among passage control lanes. The speed gate boast impresive performance and robustness while maintaining a high quality of presentation. The TTSCPR2 gate is also available in the larger PRM (People with Reduced Mobility) passage width.

TTSCPR3 fast lane gate

TTSCPR3 is a compact and elegant glazed speed gate

TTSCPR3 is a new fast lane with a glass presentation of the best effect for access control in companies. For your head office, in addition to a badge or biometric pointing system, the TTSCPR3 speed gate offers a high level presence. Compact with its glass surfaces which give it a diaphanous look, its thin boxes offer a feeling of freedom to this efficient and safe passage obstacle. An ideal gate for the access of company employees and fitness sports club members.

Stainless steel post for access control

Stainless steel access control post for cars and trucks for intercom and access readers

An A3M pedestal intended for access control system integrators who install security and access management solutions through CCTV, intercom, videophone, RFID badge reading and biometric identification. The stainless steel totem has the specifications allowing a simplified installation of all these elements in a post at a competitive price, robust and elegant. Ideal as a pedestal for intercom at the car park entrance, totem badge reader for opening the barrier or sliding gate, post for CCTV camera.

TTSBPT4 automatic car park barrier

Automatic rising arm barrier for vehicle access control and parking entrance

The A3M TTSBPT4 parking barrier has been developed for intensive use and offers high-level robustness. A quality rising arm barrier, elegant, with a simple and oversized mechanism to control the entrance of vehicles for many years without worry. TTSBPT4 is designed to control vehicle access from 2.5m to 4m of passage width. It is the ideal automatic barrier gate for the entrance to public and corporate parkings or the parking lots of sports clubs and recreation centers.

TTSBPT4P automatic barrier gate

TTSBPT4P is a motorized rising barrier with folding arm for underground car parks

An underground car park or city center car park located in a building has a limited ceiling height which prevents the installation of an automatic car park barrier such as those used on outdoor car parks. The new TTSBPT4P automatic barrier gate with a folding arm allows control of the entry of vehicles to any parking.

TTSBPT6 vehicle automatic barrier

Car park barrier for wide vehicule access control on construction site and factory

TTSBPT6 is the A3M motorized rising arm barrier for large vehicle access. Designed for controlled access with passage widths between 4,5 and 6m, it is naturally indicated for the passage of buses and trucks. Its main markets are therefore truck access to construction sites and industrial sites as well as vehicle entry to bus depots.

Pedestal pole for badge readers

A pedestal pole for badge readers and intercoms at a barrier access control point

The pedestal mount is an essential element for the rising barrier access control system. It allows the upstream positioning of the ID badge readers that control the opening of the automatic barrier at a height allowing drivers to present their badge easily, whether they are in a car or driving a truck. The A3M post is appreciated as much for access control in companies as for building site access.

Last news

Access turnstile Coronavirus protection
Wednesday 20 May 2020

In this spring of 2020 and with the pandemic that we are experiencing due to Covid-19, controlling and limiting the capacity of most sites and public places has become a necessity. Now not only for reasons of physical safety or control of the evacuation of people, but as a fundamental element of public health to avoid contagion by this virus. PassCount3 turnstile with counting electronics automatically controls and regulates attendance.

Turnstile for barcode access
Thursday 16 January 2020

Launch in early 2020 of the TTS1Evo version of our best-selling turnstile, the TTS1. Responding to the high demand encountered over the past year, we have developed a specific version of the tripod turnstile intended for controlling entries by reading a barcode ticket. A long-awaited tripod turnstile, particularly on the ticket market where the barcode, often in the form of QRcode, is the most widespread means for identifying and validating the payment of an entry ticket.

Friday 22 November 2013

A3M has made the most of this year’s Cartes show held in Paris for the 19th to 21st Nov. Amongst its global offer of identification solutions, the company featured its new range of access control turnstiles and its new 200 cards hopper for the HiTi CS200e card printer.

Cartes show in Paris
Cartes show in Paris

We would like to say a big thank you to all our resellers who have made sometimes a long trip to come and spend a moment with us in Paris. We already long to see you again next year.

HiTi CS200e
HiTi CS200e

A3M turnstiles for access control
A3M turnstiles for access control
Monday 18 April 2011

A3M had a positive outcome from its participation in the last Bureaux Expo trade fair, that took place in Paris – Porte de Versailles from 5-7 of April.
 During the three days that the event lasted, the company (which is leader in plastic card identification solutions) received many visits at its stand from clients interested in its range of RFID readers, which surpassed all expectations, becoming a success in its participation in said event. The RFID card readers and the biometric readers are ideal for access control, time attendance, as well as for production control.
 Other products that were widely accepted are the main innovations of the 2011 range: the turnstiles and pedestrian access control barrier gates. All eyes were especially on the Expo and Calisto models.
 We can’t forget the innovations in the range of plastic card printers: the printers Smart and Smart Lite, full colour printers, were presented for the first time in France, which without a doubt struck up the interest of the visitors that were attracted by its revolutionary quality-price ratio. A3M acts as the Exclusive Official Importer for the Korean manufacturer, I&A System.

Some representative photographs

The A3M booth

The A3M booth
The A3M booth

The range of MIFARE Ⓡ proximity card readers

The range of MIFARE Ⓡ proximity card readers
The range of MIFARE Ⓡ proximity card readers

An example of time attendance control with an electromagnetic lock (in the background, Magicard and Evolis card printers)

An example of time attendance control
An example of time attendance control

The access control turnstile, Calisto

The access control turnstile, Calisto
The access control turnstile, Calisto

The Smart card printer

The Smart card printer
The Smart card printer

High quality printers from Team Nisca

High quality printers from Team Nisca
High quality printers from Team Nisca

Magicard printers and intelligent key management cabinets

Magicard printers and intelligent key management cabinets
Magicard printers and intelligent key management cabinets