TTS1M coin operated turnstile

Coin operated turnstile TTS1M

TTS1M coin operated turnstile for controlling paid admissions

Some sectors require the payment of a small amount of money or the purchase of a token to access a zone or service controlled by a tripod turnstile. A3M has developed a coining turnstile that responds to the demand for quick and easy entry control for access to museums, monuments, recreation centers or public toilets.

TTS1M is a turnstile with coin acceptor for paid entrance

The TTS1M coin-operated turnstile manages and autonomously controls the paid entrance to the site. An economical solution, simple to implement and practical for users: they just need to insert a token or a coin for the passage to be authorized. If the turnstile is to be used for the exit, it can be configured to be free, simply by pushing the tripod arms or by means of an exit button.

Efficient design of the tripod turnstile

The integration of the coin mechanism in the TTS1 entry turnstile has been designed to reconcile a pleasant aesthetics and ease of use, its positioning at mid-height makes it accessible by children and adults. The coin acceptor has a rejected coin bin, the user therefore retrieves his coin if it has not been accepted and the entry was not authorized.

A programmable coin mechanism in the tripod turnstile

For total flexibility of your access management, the A3M coin operated tripod is delivered unscheduled. Intelligent, you can program it according to the coins or tokens you want to use. The coins acceptor admits up to 6 coin models to activate the entry. You can also use combinations of coins: if the price of the entry is 1€, you can program the coin acceptor to accept a coin of 1€ or two coins of 50cents. If you use tokens, within accepted dimensions, you can also allow them.

Learning coins directly on the turnstile

To program the coin mechanism simply press the configuration button and proceed to learn the coins. For this, the coin mechanism will ask you to insert the sample piece several times until it emits 3 beeps in a row indicating that the learning is done. You can then learn a second type of coin or tokens, and so on up to 6 different options.

Coin operated turnstile receptacle

The coin-operated tripod turnstile has a large capacity receiving tray in the inner part, only accessible by the manager with the opening key of the turnstile cover. This receptacle, besides the important autonomy that it proposes, is also very practical since its frontal part slides entirely upwards to facilitate the emptying in the tank of your choice. The operation on the turnstile is thus made very fast.


TTS1M tripod turnstile with coin acceptor technical characteristics

- Allows programming of 6 groups of coins or tokens.
- Accepts coins or tokens from 17 to 30.5mm in diameter and from 1.25 to 3.2mm thick
- Learning coins according to their diameter, thickness and falling time in the mechanism.
- Integrated power supply in the turnstile, consumption 50mA @ 12VDC standby, 450mA at the time of insertion detection.
- Release parts in case of coins jam.

Flow rate 10 to 20 persons/min
Arm length 520mm. 470 or 420 mm on demand
Height 976 mm
Length 456 mm
Width of the frame 295 mm
Frame Stainless steel AISI 304
Net weight 34 kg
Operating temperature -20 à +70 °C
Rotation Bidirectional
LED Green arrow access allowed, red cross access denied
Anti-panic function Automatic by free tripod rotation
Drop arm module Optionally, falls off power supply or external control (pushbutton switch, SSI...)
Power supply 24 ±3 V
Power 30 W
Warranty One year manufacturing warranty
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