TTS2A3 bridge turnstile

Bridge turnstile for card readers

Tripod bridge turnstile for badge readers and biometrics integration

The TTS2A3 is a bridge turnstile that facilitates the access control systems installation such as MIFARE or 125Khz badge readers, as well as biometric data readers. Its design is distinguished by its inclined top cover, and can also be an interesting option for more comfort when reading access badges.

TTS2A3 is a compact and reliable bridge turnstile

The TTS2A3 turnstile is a special version of the TTS2 model with a specific hood. It retains all its advantages, in particular the compactness and robustness of its basic model, by adding an undeniable integration capacity in enterprise access control systems. Its target markets are mainly sports club access, pool access, corporate access, access to museums and libraries.

Easy installation and maintenance of the turnstile

The top cover of TTS2A3 turnstile is hinged. Once the security lock unlocked, simply rotate it in the open position to access its mechanics and connections. A great simplicity for its implementation and for the installation of RFID badge readers MIFARE or 125Khz for example. Bottom openings on the inner side of each foot allow the cables to be passed without having to bleed into the ground to get into the feet from below as is the case with competing products.

Biometric readers integration on the turnstile top cover

The generous size of the inclined plans of the A3 cover is crucial in the case of installation of readers or biometric terminals. As standard, this cover offers no polycarbonate window or drilling, so that the integrator of the access control system is free as to the mounting position of the devices, which in any case will remain pleasant to use given the angle cover incidence.

Indoor or outdoor turnstile installation

The A3M TTS2A3 turnstile is also suitable for outdoor installation due to the choice of its constituent materials (304 stainless steel housing). For the most difficult environments, for example by the sea (aggression by salt) or pool access (aggression by chlorine), prefer the 316 stainless steel variant of the TTS2A3 which offers increased corrosion resistance.

Tripod turnstile badge reader

Metacrilate windows with universal RFID badge reader supports allow the placement of A3M RFID readers LGM5770 or other readers for RFID identification cards of third parties on the TTS2A3 turnstile. However, when delivered with its optional polycarbonate window hood for incorporating badge readers, it is recommended to limit its installation indoors or protected from the weather. If the turnstile is to be installed outdoors, the installer must make sure to seal around the reader windows with silicone cords to prevent water ingress.

Active LED indication of passage on the turnstile

Novelty spring 2019. In addition to the traffic pictograms located at the entry and exit of the turnstile, the 2019 version of the top cover of the tripod TTS2 was given a central pictogram indicating by a green arrow activates the direction of the authorized passage. A plus in terms of ergonomics and a small aesthetic detail that reinforces the VIP appearance of the tripod turnstile. For the sake of convenience for access to mechanics and connectors, this cover is now mounted on hinges.


TTS2A3 tripod turnstile technical characteristics

Power supply 24 ±3 V
Electric power 30 W
Rate of return 15 to 25 persons/min
Arm length 520mm. 470 or 420 mm on demand
Height 1015 mm
Length 850 mm
Frame width 250 mm
Frame Stainless steel AISI 304
Net weight 42 kg
Operating temperature -20 to +70 °C
Rotation Bidirectional
LED Green arrow allowed, red cross prohibited
Anti-panic function Automatic by free rotation of the tripod
Drop arm module Optionally, falls off power supply or external control (button, SSI...)
Manufacturer warranty One year
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