TTS1 tripod turnstile

Tripod turnstile TTS1

TTS1 is a bidirectionnal stainless steel tripod turnstile ideal for RFID badge access

The TTS1 tripod turnstile benefits from the experience of A3M, the leading group of access control systems. It concentrates the main qualities of pedestrian access in a turnstile that is robust, compact and easy to install, at a very tight price. Bidirectional, it is ideal for gyms and for the control of the entry and exit in SMEs, libraries, auditoriums, trade shows etc...

Simple and robust quality turnstile

TTS1 is a pedestrian access control turnstile with exceptional robustness. Few moving parts, simple and effective mechanism based on over-sized parts. Its body is 304 stainless steel 1.5mm thick to offer years of trouble-free operation.

Indication of passage with pictograms integrated in the turnstile

The traffic indication pictograms are standard on the TTS1 turnstile. One pictogram for the entry and one for the exit (green arrow or red cross according to if the passage is allowed or denied). The turnstile is bidirectional and can be configured according to your needs, for example controlled entry and free exit etc ...

Large interior space for turnstile electronics integration

The TTS1 turnstile has a large top cover that provides easy access to the mechanism and electronics. Another cover releases the inside of the foot over its entire height. You can place any electronic access control easily. Both TTS1 tripod turnstile covers have a lock for increased security level.

Cover for RFID card readers integration

The optional top cover has two stylish smoked polycarbonate windows. Under each window, an adjustable universal bracket allows the installation of RFID readers in MIFARE ® or 125Khz technology. This integration of readers in the turnstile is therefore very easy and, by allowing their height adjustment, it optimizes the reading distance of access control badges.

Ideal turnstile for badge access control

The id3m access control readers are designed for perfect integration, built into the top cover. Badging is simplified, the distance for reading badges on the turnstile is maximized, which naturally increases the flow of people through the turnstile system.

Optional folding arm turnstile

The tripod has a panic and security mode in the event of a power failure, by free rotation of the arms. Optionally, the drop arm mechanism allows the horizontal arm to retract and completely free the pedestrian crossing without any obstacle.

The turnstile ground anchor base is large

It is essential to have an extremely strong ground anchor for a single-leg turnstile. In particular, the ground fixing screws must be sufficiently spaced apart to prevent the turnstile from being pulled out. The design of the TTS1 is perfectly studied in this sense with its mounting base and its 6 holes for a rigid anchorage of the turnstile.

The turnstile is available with custom tripod arm length

The TTS1 tripod arms are supplied by default in 52cm length. If your space is smaller, we provide the turnstile with free arm option 47cm or 43cm. The arms are made of stainless steel tubing to offer high resistance and effective locking of the passage. To close the space and channel the passage, the stainless steel handrail fence ensures functionality and aesthetics.

Turnstile cover on hinges

The 2021 version of our TTS1Evo turnstile features a hinged top cover. A plus in terms of ease of use since access to the mechanics is simplified and maintenance of the turnstile easier. It is also easier to place the badge readers on their supports and to route all cables inside the turnstile.

Turnstile with barcode readers

TTS1 is now available in the form of barcode turnstile which has two readers integrated in its upper cover. A quality integration that offers perfect presentation and remarkable performance in ticketing applications and payment systems using barcode or QRcode tickets. The A3M reader is equipped with USB connectivity in keyboard wedge emulation to offer the widest compatibility of the turnstile with payment systems from third parties.


TTS1 turnstile access control system technical characteristics

Power supply 24 ±3 V
Electric power 30 W
Rate of return 15 to 25 persons/min
Arm length 520mm. 470 or 420 mm on demand
Height 976 mm
Length 456 mm
Width of the frame 295 mm
Frame Stainless steel AISI 304
Net weight 34 kg
Operating temperature -20 to +70 °C
Rotation of the tripod arms Bidirectional: turnstile controls entry AND exit
LED Green arrow allowed, red cross denied
Anti-panic function Automatic by free rotation of the tripod
Drop arm module Optional feature: the arm folds down in case of power cut. Controllable through external control (pushbutton switch, Fire Safety System...)
Suitable for access control systems Yes, access control by ID card, RFID badge or biometric reader
Turnstile manufacturer warranty One year
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