Tripod turnstile for barcode access

Launch in early 2020 of the TTS1Evo version of our best-selling turnstile, the TTS1. Responding to the high demand encountered over the past year, we have developed a specific version of the tripod turnstile intended for controlling entries by reading a barcode ticket. A long-awaited tripod turnstile, particularly on the ticket market where the barcode, often in the form of QRcode, is the most widespread means for identifying and validating the payment of an entry ticket.

Turnstile for barcode access
Thursday 16 January 2020

Tripod turnstile top cover with barcode readers

A perfect integration of barcode readers in the upper cover of the turnstile keeps an exceptional compactness as well as a pleasant aesthetic at the entrance of your establishment. The barcode readers offer a USB connection with keyboard wedge emulation. One reader controls the entry and if the exit must also be controlled, another barcode reader is installed on the other side of the turnstile. If the exit does not need to be controlled you just need to configure the turnstile as free exit.

Security and advanced reading ability

The arrangement of the readers on the TTS1 Evo turnstile, in the top cover and directed upwards, does not present any risk or inconvenience since the new A3M reader is based on a camera using optical recognition technology instead of the usual laser beams. The readability is improved, for 1D, 2D and QRcode barcodes, which can be read in any position. As well on a paper ticket as on an identification badge or on a smartphone screen.

Passage control electronics

As an option, IP control electronics can be supplied, also integrated in the turnstile. It receives the reading of the barcode ticket readers and triggers one entry at the turnstile if the code read is authorized. Designed to be interfaced with the ticketing or access control system, it communicates with the access control system using its REST API, receives authorizations in real time and returns passage information if necessary while actively controlling the instantaneous maximum attendance when necessary.

Turnkey access management solution

TTS1Evo therefore offers a turnkey solution for system integrators which comes at an economical price, an exceptional technology and robustness. Compact and elegant, interfaceable with any payment system, the new tripod is the ideal passage obstacle to complete their ticketing and payment solutions. Events such as festivals, concerts, sports competitions, campsites, water parks, sports halls, museums and monuments are the target markets for this barcode reader turnstile.

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