ID card readers

A3M offers an extensive range of readers and encoders for magnetic, smart and contactless cards with the best price-quality ratio.

Magstripe readers

A3M offers ID-Tech magnetic stripe swipe card readers, which can read all ISO 7811 compliant magnetic cards.

ID-Tech card readers can read all ISO 7811 compliant magnetic cards, both HiCo and LoCo, 3 tracks.
- These units are swipe readers: you need to manually swipe the card through the reader so that the magnetic head can read all data in the magnetic tracks.
- Available with keyboard wedge connection, RS232 and USB connection (with keyboard emulation). Standard models in stock are the USB versions.

Magnetic ID card encoders

A3M offers magnetic ID card encoders that come with an easy-to-use software for data reading and writing.

Our magnetic card encoders come with a serial RS232 interface.
- An easy-to-use software comes free with each unit and helps the user with data reading and encoding. We can supply all necessary elements for programming and integrating these units into any application.
- They are swipe readers; you need to manually swipe the card into the readers to transfer data.

Smart card readers

A3M offers a wide range of affordable and always dependable smart card readers and writers.

This section presents our offer for smart card contact readers. Used for banking operations, access control, customer loyalty, etc., these readers can read and write information on to the card chip.
- Smart card readers are insertion readers, since it is always necessary to establish a physical contact between the contact zone of the card and the reader.
- For all uses where it is not appropriate to have to insert the card to establish communication, we recommend the use of contactless RFID cards and readers. See contactless readers page.

MIFARE cards reader writer

MIFARE ® cards readers and writers are high-end technology encoders that are easy to use and very resistant. Offered by A3M, they are a low cost yet effective solution.

Contactless card readers and writers (encoders) represent the latest technology in terms of data reading and encoding plastic cards.
- Particularly easy to use, no special manipulation is required to read or write a card: just place the card a few centimetres from the reader and the exchange can be realized.
- Very resistant: no physical contact between the card and the reader, so no mechanical wear at all.
- Low cost solutions: their cost has lowered substantially in the past years, and today they are available at prices comparable to those of magnetic stripe readers or smart contact readers.

13,56Mhz technology

- ISO 14443 A: mainly a Philips/NXP standard and the most widespread worldwide, particularly in public transportation applications.
Transaction speed: 106Kbps. Max. reading distance 10cm.
Vendors: Philips ( NXP ), Infineon.
- ISO 14443 B: differs from -A standard for its faster exchange rate. Therefore it is preferred for use with microprocessor chips.
Transaction speed: 847Kbps. Max. reading distance 10cm.
Vendors: Inside Contactless, ST Microelectronics.
- ISO 15693: this standard is used for applications where reading distance is the dominant criteria (50 cm approximately).
Transaction speed: 26 Kbps. Max. reading distance 50cm.
Vendors: Texas Instruments, Inside Contactless, Philips Icode SLI.

MIFARE is a registered trademark of NXP, B.V.

125Khz access control readers

A3M offers high quality 125KHz access control readers/writers for contactless smart cards

A3M manufactures an extensive range of readers/writers for contactless smart cards with 125KHz technology.
These readers are targeted to integrate into access control solutions.


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