Noticias sobre control de acceso e identificación

Tripod turnstile mobile access

TTS1HEAD tripod turnstile head

The TTS1HEAD tripod turnstile is compact and easy to integrate into environments where space is limited. It consists of the head of the tripod turnstile, without ground anchor, for direct attachment to a wall or a dedicated support such as a barrier or handrail. Its attachment points in the rear part allow to fix it in the most suitable position for an easy and fast pedestrian crossing.

192 keys cabinet

Manage a large number of keys

The key security solution brought to you by Alkey allows you to control all the keys of your establishment. The number of keys, keyrings and passes used in a service sector or industrial sector building is increasing more and more. The price of replacing lost keys is unknown most of the time. The security risk is high if you have a large number of keys that are out of control.

Keys control with keys cabinet

Control in sensitive areas

Controlling keys means controlling the access and use of your most important resources. To guarantee maximum security in your accesses, our key management solution offers a diversity of valuable options.

Magicard XXL Card Printer for large cards

XXL Card Printer

The XXL is designed for personalising pre-printed ID cards with a large format. Includes an option for an intelligent card encoder. Also includes the anti-copy patented Holokote hologram that does not generate additional costs, giving added security.

Magicard Rio 2e

Rio 2e Card Printer

The Rio 2e, a printer for printing secure and professional ID cards, prints high quality images and offers the user the option to print a transparent, personalised security HoloKote hologram on the surface of the card. The Rio 2e offers many encoding options for proximity cards, as well as for contact chip cards and magnetic stripe cards.

LoWriter magnetic encoder

LoWriter magnetic encoder, USB

Magnetic card encoder with great characteristics. LoWriter encodes low coercivity cards and also reads low and high coercivity cards. Includes USB connection for greater ease. Software included.

HiWriter HiCo magnetic encoder

HiWriter HiCo magnetic encoder, USB

Magnetic card encoder with great characteristics. HiWriter reads and writes low and high coercivity cards. Very resistant metallic body, USB connection for greater ease. The best price. Software included.

Magicard Holograms

Magicard Holograms

Magicard offers 2D or 3D holograms, standard or personalised. Holograms are highly secure because they cannot be counterfeited by colour printers, scanners nor standard printing systems. The Magicard Tango + L system has an integrated lamination station that is ideal for issuing personalised ID cards with lamination and holograms.

HoloKote system

Magicard HoloKote

All Magicard printers are equipped with the patented technology of Holokote® watermarks, which are printed on the card during normal printing, without additional costs or consumables. Magicard HoloKote prints your personalised graphic on the upper layer during normal printing; this gives anti-copying protection to your cards. An anti-copy watermark covers the entire surface area of the card and is visible when viewing the card at an angle.

Rewritable ID card

Rewritable cards

Type of card destined to be used in special printers for printing without a ribbon, such as Magicard Pronto or Evolis Tattoo Rewrite. The cards can be printed and erased up to 500 times depending on its use, offering you large savings and an ecological character to applications.

Biodegradable Cards

Biodegradable Cards

Being conscious of our responsibility to protect the environment, at the same time as of the contamination caused by the traditional PVC card, we developed a material that is 100% biodegradable in a natural environment.

HID iClass ID badge

HID iClass ID badge

The 13.56MHz contactless intelligent card for iCLASS® for reading/writing can be used in diverse applications such as access control, biometric recognition systems, sales without cash, public transport, plane boarding pass issuing and loyalty programs. The use of multiple files, separated to guarantee security, allows it to be used with numerous applications and can be used as a basis for future growth.

HID Crescendo Cards

HID Crescendo Cards

Crescendo is a range of high security intelligent cards that are designed to comply with standards. They are ready-to-use in thousands of applications of logical access. With the same size as a credit card, Crescendo is a multi-technology intelligent card that allows for physical and logical access control, and can be used as an employee identification document.

DESFire ID card

MIFARE DESFire EV2 is the high security chip evolution developed by NXP. This high frequency technology RFID badge in 13.56 MHz, multi-application thanks to its microprocessors and encoding algorithms, allows a high level of security for personal identification on sensitive sites.

MIFARE Ultralight card

NXP MIFARE Ultralight Ⓡ is the ideal component for system implementation of visitor control using contactless cards. Little by little, traditional ticketing systems are being replaced by systems that use disposable RFID cards that are not rechargeable.

LM10U USB reader for MIFARE Ⓡ cards

LM10U USB reader for MIFARE cards with keyboard wedge emulation

LM10U makes MIFARE Ⓡ badges reading more easy. It just connects to a USB port and send the data read with keyboard emulation: as soon as a MIFARE Ⓡ card enters its communication field, it transmits the chip serial number to the computer which will show it where the mouse cursor is located, whatever the software you are using at that moment.


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