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Tripod turnstile TTS2GT

TTS2GT turnstile

Modern and different, A3M is unveiling its new tripod for managing access to work, sport or leisure centers. A tripod with functions specific to turnstile access control, which can be equipped with a passage management system by badge, barcode or biometrics. TTS2GT is also a design that stands out among the tripod turnstiles: upper cover in black plexiglass, discreet blue LED thread, rounded feet with pictograms integrated by laser cutting. A future best-seller.

CardPass3 mobile access control

Mobile access control: CardPass3 briefcase

A3M mobile access control: a new standalone access control and time attendance system. The CardPass3 briefcase concentrates the elements necessary for access control in an exclusive, modern and mobile compact solution. An access control with RFID id3m badge readers associated with their autonomous control electronics included in the CardPass3 briefcase with possibility of Ethernet or 4G connection. An obvious choice for access control and time attendance in events, in construction site access, in a university, conference or training center.

Autonomous RFID access

Standalone access control with RFID card

You need an economical system to control the access to your business, club, gym, association, business fair? The id3m RFID badge access system is intelligent, autonomous, simple and quick to implement. It is also scalable if in the future you wish to complement it with an access control management or time attendance software. It is also a popular access system for construction sites access as a low-cost solution that can be installed immediately on a full-height turnstile.

125Khz badge reader

LP390c 125Khz badge reader

The new 125Khz badge reader benefits from the latest technological advances from A3M in terms of reading capacity. LP390c is a RFID reader that offers a comfortable reading distance for badges in a compact design. A robust and waterproof housing makes it suitable for outdoor access control solutions.

125Khz USB card reader

LP10U 125Khz reader with keyboard wedge emulation

125Khz USB ID card and tag reader: LP10U is a simple and fast device to read the serial number of an EM4102 or 125Khz ID card. Its keyboard wedge emulation eliminates the need for software programming. LP10U connects to the USB port and transmits the data read to your computer and so it appears on your screen where your cursor is positionned.

eMini2 smart card reader

eMini2 USB smart card reader

eMini2 is a compact, elegant and easy-to-use USB smart card reader that allows you to read the majority of smart cards on the market at a competitive price. Modern design and confirmation LED for the card reading.

Magnetic badge encoder

LoWriter USB magnetic cards encoder

LoWriter is a magnetic encoder with high capacities that encodes low coercivity cards and reads high and low coercivity cards. USB connection for greater ease of use. The reading and encoding software is included free of charge. The most economical price for encoding magnetic badges.

LGM5770 13.56Mhz badge reader

LGM5770 13,56Mhz RFID badge reader

A technological feat that proves A3M’s know-how in terms of RFID badge readers: the new LGM5770 reader for 13.56Mhz RFID badges. A reader endowed with an extraordinary intelligence developed to ensure foolproof reliability, impressive processing speeds and increased security in RFID badge access control systems. A user-friendly RFID reader, IP68 and IK10 whose resistance makes it an essential element of the access system in difficult places like construction sites.

LGM4200 MIFARE® badge reader

LGM4200 USB MIFARE badge reader with display

MIFARE® card reader with LCD display. LGM4200 is a USB RFID reader encoder. It is recommended for RFID applications where more user-friendliness and dialogue with the user is desired. It also knows how to manage the maximum security of the MIFARE ID badge thanks to its 4 SAM ports.

A3Slim NFC wristband

A3Slim NFC wristband

Need NFC wristbands to identify your members and manage the entrance to your sports hall automatically? A3Slim is the new smart wristband in our 2020 range. A studied shape, compact and comfortable to wear, which offers exceptional possibilities for personalizing the NFC bracelet: relief engraving, filling with colored inks, silver, gold or transparent inks.

Personalized lanyard

Personalized lanyard

The personalized lanyard is both a functional accessory to wear your ID badge and a marketing product that reflects the image of your company. Choose a personalized lanyard for your employees, they will wear their identity with more pride. During events, opt for a custom lanyard for your congress or seminar, you will amaze all the participants. Create a custom-made lanyard for your concert and all participants will keep a precious memory of this moment.

Disposable RFID wristband

Disposable RFID wristband

The disposable RFID chip wristband is the most effective identifier for recognizing customers and visitors in an aquatic center, swimming pool, leisure center or campsite. A RFID wristband with a cheap price makes it viable to provide each visitor with a bracelet at the entrance. Its permanent closure system prevents its use by several people and therefore you retain control of the attendance. You can choose the RFID technology of the wristband according to your cashless ticketing or access control system.

Reader post for automatic barrier

Pedestal pole for badge readers

The pedestal mount is an essential element for the rising barrier access control system. It allows the upstream positioning of the ID badge readers that control the opening of the automatic barrier at a height allowing drivers to present their badge easily, whether they are in a car or driving a truck. The A3M post is appreciated as much for access control in companies as for building site access.

TTSBPT6 vehicle rising barrier

TTSBPT6 vehicle automatic barrier

TTSBPT6 is the A3M motorized rising arm barrier for large vehicle access. Designed for controlled access with passage widths between 4,5 and 6m, it is naturally indicated for the passage of buses and trucks. Its main markets are therefore truck access to construction sites and industrial sites as well as vehicle entry to bus depots.

TTSBPT4P automatic barrier gate

TTSBPT4P automatic barrier gate

An underground car park or city center car park located in a building has a limited ceiling height which prevents the installation of an automatic car park barrier such as those used on outdoor car parks. The new TTSBPT4P automatic barrier gate with a folding arm allows control of the entry of vehicles to any parking.

Automatic car park barrier

TTSBPT4 automatic car park barrier

The A3M TTSBPT4 parking barrier has been developed for intensive use and offers high-level robustness. A quality rising arm barrier, elegant, with a simple and oversized mechanism to control the entrance of vehicles for many years without worry. TTSBPT4 is designed to control vehicle access from 2.5m to 4m of passage width. It is the ideal automatic barrier gate for the entrance to public and corporate parkings or the parking lots of sports clubs and recreation centers.


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