News about access control and identification

Pionnier de l’intégration de systèmes intégrant l’identification automatisée des personnes dans des solutions de contrôle d’accès avancées, A3M innove sans cesse pour proposer plus de fonctionnalités, plus de connectivité et de simplicité. Vous trouverez nos nouveautés, nouveaux produits et solutions, sur cette page qui vous permettra de rester à la pointe des technologies de notre secteur si important de nos jours dans la recherche de la sécurité, de la sureté personnelle et collective.

Primacy 2
Evolis Primacy2

The new Evolis Primacy2 printer is a set of advanced technologies. 200-card feeder, rewrite printing, QRcode scanner, colorimetric profile, Kineclipse �, digital erase, double varnish layer, UV effect. Never before have we seen so many possibilities in a single card printer.

Full height turnstile door
Full height XXL turnstile door

The XXL rotatory turnstile door combines the security of the full height turnstiles access control with a wider passage width. It combines the protection features of an impassable obstacle with an advantegous convenience in facilities where heterogeneous audiences are expected. Tailor-made, the XXL full height door is mainly placed in access to cultural and leisure places : museums, campsites, leisure parks, zoos, administrative buildings.

Magicard 300 printer
Magicard 300

Magicard 300 printer digital shredding (TM) technology secures printing of PVC ID cards. Personal data used to print and personalize a badge is instantly erased from memory, preventing any possibility of fraud. A new quality printer that you can choose from single-sided printing (Magicard 300 UNO) or double-sided printing (Magicard 300 DUO).

CardPass3 access control software
CardPass3 access control software

CardPass3 sets itself apart from the access control software market by its easy and intuitive interface which makes it an efficient and quick to implement access management solution. But it is also one of the most efficient systems for large-scale installations including a large number of acceses by badge through doors or turnstiles, multi-site 4G communications and high-security zones. A system adapted to the needs of both corporate access, gym access and construction site access.

Stainless steel pole for cars and trucks
Stainless steel post for access control

An A3M pedestal intended for access control system integrators who install security and access management solutions through CCTV, intercom, videophone, RFID badge reading and biometric identification. The stainless steel totem has the specifications allowing a simplified installation of all these elements in a post at a competitive price, robust and elegant. Ideal as a pedestal for intercom at the car park entrance, totem badge reader for opening the barrier or sliding gate, post for CCTV camera.

MIFARE ID card - logo
MIFARE: technology, products, use and price

MIFARE ® is a registered trademark, property of the company NXP Semiconductors. The use of MIFARE has become so widespread (more than 70% of market share) that today the term MIFARE is used extensively to designate any kind of RFID product: MIFARE card, MIFARE badge, MIFARE tag, MIFARE label. But MIFARE is a precise technology, which has its strengths and disadvantages which you must know to ensure the compatibility of the MIFARE card with your application.

TTS1 turnstile with counter
Capacity control turnstile

Health crises and safety regulations impose measures to limit the number of visitors to multiple sectors of activity. A3M has developed a new management system that automatically blocks access when the instant maximum occupancy is reached. The tripod turnstile with PassCount3 option monitors entries and exits and controls your area’s capacity in a totally autonomous way, turnstile by turnstile or in a network to sum up all your accesses.

Retractable badge reel
Badge Reels

Our retractable reel badge holder is robust and withstands the daily use imposed by corporate badge control. It allows users of access control systems to always have their RFID badge at hand, reducing the possibility of loss or forgetfulness, while conveying the corporate brand image. A reel badge holder recommended as a support for the event badge and which will benefit from its attachment to a personalized lanyard cord.

Nisca card lamination with hologram
Nisca laminating ribbon with hologram

The Nisca printer, in addition to extremely high quality printing, allows transparent lamination of the identification card. The optional laminator of the Nisca C151 printer and C201 printer applies additional plastic protection to the card which gives it superior durability. In order to further secure the identification card and in addition to ultraviolet ink, the protective thick overlay may include a personalized security hologram.

Nisca PR50025UC ribbon
YMCKO color ribbon for Nisca C101 printer

The Nisca YMCKO ribbon for the C101 printer prints your cards with exceptional print quality. Bright edge-to-edge badge backgrounds, real and vivid colors, clear and precise texts: a linear thermal sublimation ribbon with a very precise formulation which will guarantee you photo-quality prints on plastic cards. Nisca Reference PR50025UC.

Nisca Swiftcolor SCC4000D
Swiftcolor SCC4000D large format card printer

The Swiftcolor SCC4000D is the versatile Nisca printer: standard badge printing, but especially large format badge, in matte or glossy finish, or even for printing on cardboard dedicated to short-term events... It is ideal for the event sector where it allows the production of the event badge which very often complements the event bracelet. The training, education or companies receiving a lot of visitors will be just as interested in its quality, speed and low cost.

Nisca PR-C151
Impresora Nisca C151

The Nisca PR-C151 card printer allows access to the print quality, resistance and security of plastic cards which are the prerogative of the range of plastic card printers from the preferred manufacturer of professional identification: Nisca. The Nisca PR-C151 printer replaces the PR5350, PR5360 and PR5310 printers, and allows you to print ultraviolet security inks as well as to affix a security hologram on the badge thanks to its optional laminator PR-L151.

Magicard Rio Pro360
Magicard Rio Pro printer

The Magicard Rio Pro 360 is an ID badge printer of professional class that prints high quality edge-to-edge images, single sided or double-sided on white or printed PVC cards, in large quantities thanks to its 100 card charger and its 70 card hopper. Built for professionals, it is ideal for printing high volumes of cards including above 10,000 cards / year.

Evolis ID card printer
Evolis ID card printer

Evolis is a manufacturer of card printers, one of the world leaders in its sector: the printing and personalization of PVC plastic cards and badges. Its Evolis Badgy, Evolis Zenius and Evolis Primacy Simplex or Duplex printers are among the best-selling badge printers. But what is the origin of Evolis Card Printer and what are its printers for?

Turnstile for paid toilets
TTS1KT turnstile for paid toilets

Control the payment of access to your public toilets in a simple and economic way with a totally integrated solution: turnstile, coin mechanism, color screen and receipt printer. The payment terminal system is part of the TTS1KT tripod turnstile body. This unique integration of the global bathroom access control solution facilitates check-in and check-out, making your investment profitable.

Evolis Badgy200
Evolis Badgy 200

Evolis Badgy 200 is the mini badge printer from Evolis Card Printer. An innovative printer which offers a small footprint and which is also the cheapest Evolis badge printer. Badgy provides access to the Evolis range with a lower investment than Zenius, Primacy Simplex or Primacy Duplex. With its recommended retail price of 749 excl. Tax, the Badgy200 printer prints your cards instantly easily and quickly.