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Personalized lanyard

Personalized lanyard

The personalized lanyard is both a functional accessory to wear your ID badge and a marketing product that reflects the image of your company. Choose a personalized lanyard for your employees, they will wear their identity with more pride. During events, opt for a custom lanyard for your congress or seminar, you will amaze all the participants. Create a custom-made lanyard for your concert and all participants will keep a precious memory of this moment.

Disposable RFID wristband

Disposable RFID wristband

The disposable RFID chip wristband is the most effective identifier for recognizing customers and visitors in an aquatic center, swimming pool, leisure center or campsite. A RFID wristband with a cheap price makes it viable to provide each visitor with a bracelet at the entrance. Its permanent closure system prevents its use by several people and therefore you retain control of the attendance. You can choose the RFID technology of the wristband according to your cashless ticketing or access control system.

Reader post for automatic barrier

Pedestal pole for badge readers

The pedestal mount is an essential element for the rising barrier access control system. It allows the upstream positioning of the ID badge readers that control the opening of the automatic barrier at a height allowing drivers to present their badge easily, whether they are in a car or driving a truck. The A3M post is appreciated as much for access control in companies as for building site access.

TTSBPT6 vehicle rising barrier

TTSBPT6 vehicle automatic barrier

TTSBPT6 is the A3M motorized rising arm barrier for large vehicle access. Designed for controlled access with passage widths between 4,5 and 6m, it is naturally indicated for the passage of buses and trucks. Its main markets are therefore truck access to construction sites and industrial sites as well as vehicle entry to bus depots.

TTSBPT4P automatic barrier gate

TTSBPT4P automatic barrier gate

An underground car park or city center car park located in a building has a limited ceiling height which prevents the installation of an automatic car park barrier such as those used on outdoor car parks. The new TTSBPT4P automatic barrier gate with a folding arm allows control of the entry of vehicles to any parking.

Automatic car park barrier

TTSBPT4 automatic car park barrier

The A3M TTSBPT4 parking barrier has been developed for intensive use and offers high-level robustness. A quality rising arm barrier, elegant, with a simple and oversized mechanism to control the entrance of vehicles for many years without worry. TTSBPT4 is designed to control vehicle access from 2.5m to 4m of passage width. It is the ideal automatic barrier gate for the entrance to public and corporate parkings or the parking lots of sports clubs and recreation centers.

Child RFID wristband

RFID wristband for children

A3SILIKID is a silicone RFID wristband specially created to easily identify children in leisure centers. Its shape and bright colors are adapted to transform the identification wristband into a cartoon character. A wristband adaptable to your colors and that can integrate a MIFARE RFID chip or MIFARE Ultralight, MIFARE DESFire. 125Khz RFID technology is available as well for this funny wristband.

TTSCPR2 outdoor speed gate

TTSCPR2 outdoor speed gate

TTSCPR2 is a swing speed lane that has been specifically developed to be installed outdoors, an exceptional feature among passage control lanes. The speed gate boast impresive performance and robustness while maintaining a high quality of presentation. The TTSCPR2 gate is also available in the larger PRM (People with Reduced Mobility) passage width.

TTSCPR1 speed gate

TTSCPR1 Speed gate

The TTSCPR1 speed lane offers stainless steel cabinets with one of the sleekest designs ever experienced for a swing gate. Its extraordinary slim cabinets optimize the available space and the advanced opto-electronics management offers extensive control in your entrance hall. Designed for the integration of badge readers, the speed lane is a fundamental element of the access control to premium offices. The swing gate design of the TTSCPR1 is available in both the standard 65cm passage unit version and the normalised 90cm version for easy access of persons with reduced mobility.

TTSCP120 speed gate

TTSCP120 speed gate

The TTSCP120 speed gate is a high-end system for access control with retractable sliding gates. The gates’ cabinets are manufactured out of stainless steel with a very sleek design that incorporates the most advanced detection technologies. It provides precise, reliable and fast entry management to your premises. The TTSCP120 speed gate is build to order so you can choose the colors of the top cover as well as that of the sliding panels to fit with your corporate identity scheme. Logo personalization is available as well for this speed lane.

TTSHHSFI3 Half-height access turnstile

TTSHHSFI3 Half-height access turnstile

You are looking for a robust obstacle with a beautiful presentation, more restrictive than a tripod and less intrusive than a full-height turnstile. The TTSHHSFI3 half-height turnstile makes unauthorized passage difficult. It increases the level of security promoting the efficiency of access control systems by RFID badge or biometric readers. An elegant access control turnstile, made of stainless steel, able to accommodate the public in many environments.

Full height security turnstile

TTSFHKD double passage full height turnstile

The TTSFHKD full-height turnstile offers a large capacity for access control concentrated in a compact structure which houses two passages, each of them with its individual rotor. The turnstile allows the entry flow to be separated from the exit flow. The important height of the access turnstile and its large awning provide maximum security against intrusion.

Full height turnstile with platform

Full height turnstile with platform

The anchoring to the ground of a full height turnstile requires the adaptation of the ground before its installation, generally passing through the manufacture of a concrete slab. In the context of temporary access control systems such as on a construction site or access management on events, the turnstile system on a support platform is largely preferable for its ease and simplicity of implementation.

Full height access gate

Full height access security gate

The access gate is widely used as a complement to an access control system with full height turnstiles. Made of the same materials and with a passage height identical to the full height turnstile, it meets several needs: disabled access thanks to its width of 90cm or more, passage with bulky objects and emergency exit. A robust and inexpensive swing gate that is also frequently requested in the construction sector for site access.

Bridge tripod turnstile

TTS2 Bridge turnstile

The TTS2 bridge turnstile is compact and easy to install. Its tripod arms module is extremely robust, it manages and controls the entry and exit to your premises, your sports club, swimming pool, camping, library etc... A very successful turnstile at a really low price that is affordable for any organization.

TTSFHKS Full height turnstile

TTSFHKS Defender turnstile

The TTSFHKS Defender turnstile is a rugged full height safety turnstile that has a great presentation. Ideal for on-site access control systems whose entry and exit must be controlled with certainty: access site, entry and exit of factory, leisure park, industrial zone, 24H gymnasium.


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