Magicard 300

Magicard 300 printer

Magicard 300 card printer: a modern design and safety features

Magicard 300 printer digital shredding (TM) technology secures printing of PVC ID cards. Personal data used to print and personalize a badge is instantly erased from memory, preventing any possibility of fraud. A new quality printer that you can choose from single-sided printing (Magicard 300 UNO) or double-sided printing (Magicard 300 DUO).


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Magicard300 professional card printer

The new Magicard 300 printer has been developed to print your personalized PVC cards, either one by one or in small series. It offers professional print quality, a resolution of 300dpi and a speed of 23 seconds per custom single-sided color card.

Magicard 300
Magicard 300
Magicard 300 card and badge printer

Protection of personal data entered on the badge

When customizing a PVC card with a card printer, the personal data used persists in memory in the driver and in the printer memory. Magicard has equipped its new model with digital shredding (TM) technology, which instantly destroys all traces of this personal data.

Magicard 300 of course also offers the Magicard Holokote card security system. It allows the printing of a thin transparent watermark which simulates a hologram and reinforces the visual protection of your cards while reducing the risk of forgery. Holokote offers 3 predefined visuals as standard. But you can also choose to print your logo or any image of your choice. With a Magicard 300 printer, you can safely manufacture cards while protecting your company’s brand image.

Magicard 300 DUO
Magicard 300 DUO
The Magicard 300 DUO printer prints your cards in two-sided color mode

Choose single-sided or double-sided card printing

Magicard 300 is available in two versions. The Magicard300 UNO printer prints in color or black and white in simplex mode. Although you can also reinsert the badge upside down to print it on the back. Its Magicard300 DUO prints in duplex mode automatically and simplifies operations.

Consumables for Magicard 300 printer
Consumables for Magicard 300 printer
Extensive range of printing supplies for Magicard 300 printers

Consumable for Magicard printer

The manufacturer offers a complete line of consumables for the Magicard300 printer. Features the Magicard MC300YMCKO Color Ribbon which allows printing of 300 cards on one side (or 150 double-sided color cards with the Magicard 300 DUO printer). The color printing quality offered by the original Magicard ribbon is at the level of the best market standards.

3 years Magicard warranty

Your investment is protected by a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty. Magicard warranty includes the printhead for the same duration up to a limit of 250,000 printed panels. The Magicard warranty may be void for the use of non-approved consumables, as well as for physical damage to the printhead.

Badge editing and printing software

Magicard does not provide software with its Model 300 badge printer. But if you contact an A3M reseller you will be able to benefit from free Cardream3 Expert software licence for the purchase of the printer. A software developed by A3M and widely regarded as the best for easily printing and personalizing PVC cards.

Personalization of offset printed cards

Owning a Magicard printer offers two possibilities. You can choose to print your identification cards in color with the Magicard MC300YMCKO color ribbon. This printing ribbon prints the badge background edge to edge and all the personalization data: the photo, first and last names, a barcode.
Another possibility is to buy cards printed in offset. Your Magicard printer will then allow you to personalize them either with a colored ribbon if you are printing the ID photo, or with a black ribbon if you are only printing data. It is often faster and the cost price more advantageous if the quantities of cards to be printed are large.

Magicard Technical Service

A3M is Magicard distributor and technical service. If you would like technical information or have a problem with your Magicard 300 printer (or any Magicard of the 2021 printer range or earlier series printer), please do not hesitate to contact us. In addition to the sale of Magicard printers and consumables, we also offer support contracts and warranty extensions.


Magicard 300 Card Printer specifications

Print speed 23s per single-sided color printed card
Card printing resolution High resolution 300 dpi printing
Printing technology Thermal sublimation and thermal transfer
Consumables Magicard MC300YMCKO or black and white color ribbon in thermal sublimation
Print type Magicard300 UNO for single-sided printing, Magicard300 DUO for double-sided card printing
Card feeder For 100 PVC cards 0.76mm thick
Card holder For 70 PVC cards, 0.76mm thick
Connectivity USB 2.0 port and Ethernet network port
Magicard warranty 3 years or 250,000 panels printed on the printer and its printhead
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