Magicard HoloKote

Holopatch design

Watermark system for securing cards

All Magicard printers are equipped with the patented technology of Holokote® watermarks, which are printed on the card during normal printing, without additional costs or consumables. Magicard HoloKote prints your personalised graphic on the upper layer during normal printing; this gives anti-copying protection to your cards. An anti-copy watermark covers the entire surface area of the card and is visible when viewing the card at an angle.

Standard Holokote system

With the Pronto y Enduro printers you can use the standard Holokote system, with four designs available from the Windows driver. The available designs are the following:

Holokote Flex System

The printers Rio 2e, Tango 2e, Tango +L and XXL also allow you to use the HoloKote Flex system. HoloKote uses a fixed 6x4 grid that is repeatedly placed all over the surface of the card, while HoloKote Flex allows you to specify the size of the personalised watermark and where you want it to be placed on the surface of the card.

Send us your personalised design. We will encode it and electronically store your image in a Custom Key so that it is impossible to counterfeit your image. Physically, Custom Key is a memory card that is inserted into the slot on the front of the printer and that allows you to personalise cards with your HoloKote design, and also allows you to block the printer.

Holopatch System

HoloPatch works with HoloKote to create a gold stamp that is very visible on the card, and printed using HoloPatch cards.

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