Magicard Holograms

Magicard Holograms

Magicard holograms add security and prestige to your cards

Magicard offers 2D or 3D holograms with standard or custom design to secure ID documents. Standard or custom holograms protect the plastic card while securing it against counterfeiting: Holographic images cannot be printed with color card printers or duplicated with standard scanners and printing equipment. The Magicard printers like Rio2e, RioPro or the older Tango + L system integrates a lamination station and is ideal for issuing personalized cards with laminates and holograms.

The standard holographic lamination

The standard or personalised holographic laminations are available with the Tango +L, for visual security combined with the long-term protection of the card. The standard holographic lamination provides attractive security characteristics without additional costs. For more security, we suggest using “custom” lamination, which includes custom characteristics such as holograms, micro-text and images that change colour.
For excellent quality and durability printed cards, apply the Magicard lamination to your card to increase its durability and to avoid counterfeiting.

Characteristics of the security hologram

Standard holographic laminates provide attractive security features at no additional cost. For higher security, we recommend "custom" laminates, which include custom features like holograms, micro-text, and color-changing images.

Longer duration for your cards

To get printed cards of excellent quality and durability, apply Magicard overlamination to your card. With 15 or 25 micron lamination, you get cards with a useful life of 5 to 10 years without wear and tear on the print.

Holographic card markets

The holographic plastic layer secures any document that requires a life span of more than 3 years, and / or anti-counterfeiting characteristics: identity documents, DNI, driver’s license, social security card, police or army card, etc.

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