Manufacturer of personal identification and access control solutions

Identification is a growing need in our personal and professional life, which goes hand in hand with the security needs that concern us. In this context, A3M is presented as a partner of resellers and integrators in Europe and Africa and offers a set of cutting-edge technology products, quality, with an effective positioning. PVC card, RFID card, RFID tag, RFID technology bracelet, card printer, RFID reader, biometric reader, access control turnstile, tripod turnstile, full height turnstile, vehicle access barrier, as well as the specific software that facilitates its integration and implementation in all identification and access control projects.

TTSFHKS Full height turnstile

TTSFHKS Defender turnstile

The TTSFHKS Defender turnstile is a rugged full height safety turnstile that has a great presentation. Ideal for on-site access control systems whose entry and exit must be controlled with certainty: access site, entry and...

MIFARE cards

Among the RFID cards, the MIFARE ® 13,56 Mhz card is posted up at the lowest price. A pioneer of passive RFID technology on plastic cards, this MIFARE badge is now widely used in access control, transport and loyalty...
Evolis Primacy printer

Evolis Primacy

Evolis Primacy is an ID card printer that combines great looking prints and simple-to-use interface never known before. It replaces the Evolis Pebble single sided and Evolis Dualys double-sided printers. Depending on its...

Access management in companies

Access to the different sites of a company must be controlled for several reasons. First, the calculation of the presence time is generally requested, which is usually called the registration of the working day that can be used to establish the payroll of the employees. On the other hand, keyless access may be necessary, for the convenience offered by a corporate card that allows access not only to the company’s premises, but also to offices, meeting rooms, coffee makers, photocopiers, collective restaurant. Finally, the concept of security, access security, intervenes in environments that house confidential data or in dangerous environments. A3M has an offer that satisfies these different needs for time control, presence control, access by RFID card or biometric reader and control and blocking systems for pedestrians and vehicles through turnstiles and barriers.

Gestion des accès en entreprise

Access control in construction sites

The construction site is an environment that presents obvious dangers and avoiding the intrusion of unauthorized persons is a necessity for their safety. A3M full height solutions prohibit access by turnstiles and gates. They also allow the counting and active location of people in sensitive sites such as wells and tunnels. Construction work has long been one of the areas where hidden work prevailed. As regulations evolve, stakeholders in construction and public works have had to install identification solutions by RFID identification card or biometric scanner offered by A3M, which has become one of the main actors of access to works in Spain and internationally.

Contrôle d’accès chantier

Gym management

The gym has evolved a lot in recent years and today there are few gyms or fitness clubs that do not plan to control the entrance to their facilities. An important sector for A3M since all the needs of these clubs correspond to the know-how that we have developed for more than 15 years in terms of identifying members. The RFID applied to the membership card, but also the RFID access wristband, sometimes the RFID keychain tag, are now part of the range of systems used to control access in gyms. Turnstiles, manual and motorized gates, full-height turnstiles for 24-hour rooms, effectively control entrances and exits.

Gestion des salles de sport

Access to school establishments

Access control extends to school environments. The fencing of secondary schools and universities to avoid intrusions goes hand in hand with the need for security felt in these establishments. The TTSFHK full-height windlass turnstile accompanies the outer fence and secures the peripheral enclosure of many universities where students and teachers must identify themselves in the RFID card reader using their identification tag in order to enter. The Nice academy in France is one of those that successfully uses A3M turnstiles for the control of school access.

Accès lycées et collèges