TTSFHKS Defender turnstile

TTSFHKS Full height turnstile

Security full height turnstile for access control systems

The TTSFHKS Defender turnstile is a rugged full height safety turnstile that has a great presentation. Ideal for on-site access control systems whose entry and exit must be controlled with certainty: access site, entry and exit of factory, leisure park, industrial zone, 24H gymnasium.

Bidirectional turnstile for access control

The A3M series Defender turnstiles are bidirectional. The rotor rotates in one direction or in the other and access can thus be controlled at the entrance and exit with a single fulll height turnstile. A saving of space and a significant saving in the overall budget of the access control system. Our solutions to limit pedestrian access through a turnstile on industrial sites, railway stations, colleges or building sites face the most intensive use.

Finish to be chosen: 304 stainless steel turnstile, galvanized steel or painted steel

TTSFHK access control turnstile is available in 304 stainless steel, galvanized steel, or simply painted steel so to adapt the budget to the needs of each customer in terms of durability. Unless specific color request (paid option), Defender safety turnstiles made of painted steel are usually kept on stock in powdercoating gray for greater strength, color code RAL7046.

Single passage or double passage turnstile

The Defender full height turnstile is available in TTSFHKS single passage version and TTSFHKD double passage (two rotors in the same structure). The double passage turnstile makes it easy to get in and out, while optimizing space and cost. The double turnstile can also be set to allow entries and exits on both sides to increase the allowable flow of persons through the access control system.

Reinforced mechanism of the access control turnstile

Placed in the upper awning, the mechanism consists of components whose design has been calculated well beyond the constraints usually found on this type of access control turnstile, even in difficult environments: construction sites, prisons, factories. In addition to the general strength and reliability of the access control, the purpose is to prevent any intrusion on the controlled area.

Quality and robustness of the access control turnstile

A3M is focused on the well done job down to the smallest detail and it shows in the quality finish of our full height turnstiles. You will see on the picture that the square section tubes that join the lower base to the upper awning are MIG welded on their four sides, so as to obtain an absolutely optimal structural strength and rigidity of the access control turnstile. The welds are properly grinded on the outside face, smoothed to be invisible and offer a perfect monobloc appearance.

Turnstile with integrated anti-panic function

A serial safety function on the full height turnstile: the emergency function. Provides an optimal level of security by making the turnstile’s rotor free in case of power failure. Allows quick evacuation and emergency access. Locking of the turnstile is automatic when power is restored. The attached access control door, if equipped with a suction cup, will also be used as an emergency exit in the event of a power failure or if so instructed by the Fire Safety System.

Tailor made safety turnstile versions

You can customize your turnstile by combining for example stainless steel arms (they perfectly withstand the highest stresses and shocks / friction) with a painted steel outer frame. On special order, choose the color of your safety turnstile. Contact us in this case to agree the exact shade, and check if the corresponding production time is in accordance with your planning of installation.

Disabled persons access gate

Available on request, a disabled access gate attached to the turnstile allows a wide access for people with reduced mobility, pallet deliveries or bulky items, access with bicycles etc... The default width is a passage unit of 90cm but we manufacture on request in special width up to 140cm. The aesthetics of the gate respects that of the full height turnstile. It is mounted with a closing cup or electro-magnetic strike, as well as a gate brake for automated closing.

Turnstile with pictograms for easy passage indication

The upper awning of the TTSFHK safety turnstile incorporates passage indication pictograms. A green arrow or a red cross indicates to users whether the passage is authorized or not. The high luminosity diodes used allow perfect visibility even outdoors in the sunshine. A pedestrian access control system that effectively complements fences and sliding gates.

Safety turnstile ready to install

The TTSFHKS turnstile is supplied ready to install. It is completely mounted and pre-adjusted, shipped and assembled on a pallet. Time savings of several hours on site, which affects the overall budget of your security installation. You will only have to provide the appropriate means for the handling of such rotary electromechanical mechanism turnstiles.

Security turnstile rental

We supply the TTSFHK turnstile for purchase or rental short or long term. Rental of the full height turnstile is ideal for the acces control of construction sites. If you wish, you can complete the turnstile rental with a complete access control solution that includes motorized barriers, badge readers, biometric readers, the CardPass3 software as well as on-site installation, overall implementation and maintenance. A complete building site access solution for rent with the turnstile.

Full badge access control system

TTSFHKS is also a complete turnkey access security system, since on order, we provide the full height turnstile equipped with badge readers or biometric readers which will be controlled by CardPass3, a global access management application. A guarantee for the A3M partner and for the end user which ensures a security solution directly from the hardware and software manufacturer.


TTSFHKS single passage safety turnstile technical characteristics

Power supply 24 ±3 V
Power 30 W
Rotor arm 3 arms at 120º or 4 arms at 90º
Height 2239 mm
Length 1270 mm
Frame width 1300 mm
Frame Painted steel, galvanized steel or optional 304 stainless steel
Turnstile colour RAL 7046 color default, other colors on request
Net weight 350 kg
Operating temperature -20/+70 °C
Access control LED signaling Green arrow for allowed passage, red cross for refused passage
Control system By RFID card reader or biometric reader
Manufacturer warranty One year, optional warranty extensions available upon request
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