CardPass3 access control software

CardPass3 access control software

CardPass3 is a simple and effective software for access control systems

CardPass3 sets itself apart from the access control software market by its easy and intuitive interface which makes it an efficient and quick to implement access management solution. But it is also one of the most efficient systems for large-scale installations including a large number of acceses by badge through doors or turnstiles, multi-site 4G communications and high-security zones. A system adapted to the needs of both corporate access, gym access and construction site access.

Access control software

CardPass3 is a Windows-based software that allows you to control access to your business. Being able to use RFID badges with MIFARE Ⓡ technology, economical and easy to use, it is ideal for SMEs, sports centers, clubs and associations.

Real-time access control through TCP/IP connectivity

CardPass3 connects to readers through the company’s ethernet network and manages real-time clockings. According to the pre-established privileges, the software orders the opening of the door or the access turnstile, then keeps in the database each score, whether authorized or refused.

Complete user data file

The registration of RFID badges is carried out by entering a user file which includes the badge number, names, first name, user number and photo. This will display the user’s photo at the time of pointing.

Access control MIFARE Ⓡ badge reader

CardPass3 was developed to integrate with A3M brand access control readers. The model of recommended access reader is the LGM5770-UL associated with its IP control electronics: its Ethernet TCP/IP connectivity allows real-time communication and integrated relay output makes it easier to manage the opening of the turnstile or the electromagnetic lock of the door and the possible emergency setting of the systems.

MIFARE keyboard emulation reader

The enrollment of access control badges in the system can be carried out by means of a reader LM10U MIFARE reader clavier keyboard emulation, which increases speed and avoids input errors.

CardPass3 monitors attendance

At any time, CardPass3 shows on the screen the number of people present in the controlled area. The maximum attendance can be set so that access is prohibited if the number of people reaches that limit. Particularly interesting for access to events, leisure areas, etc.

Emergency evacuation list

In the event of an alert (fire, earthquake, flood...), CardPass3 instantly displays the list of people present inside of the monitored zone, or of the zones controlled, individually. This list can be printed, facilitating checks or rescue operations.

Importing users into the access control system

To facilitate your transition to the CardPass3 access control system, the software has an import function for a user database in Excel format, which will save you from having to re-enter all personal data.

A complete personal file for each user

The usual fields of identification are present (first name, last name, unique ID of the RFID badge), with in addition the possibility of assigning an identification number to the user (which can be a number of member, employee, etc.). The photo can be captured from a webcam, for example; for each user with a photo, it will appear on the screen in real time during each score.

Fingerprint access

CardPass3 Bio manages your access using the fingerprints of system users. Combined with our LPFT3 fingerprint readers or Bioentry LPFT2 biometric readers, it forms a robust and secure solution that can be implemented both outdoors and indoors. The identification mode can be by reading the fingerprint alone or by 1:1 matching between the read fingerprint and its pattern stored in the badge memory.

Access to construction site

CardPass3 is one of the most widely used access control software on construction sites. The major construction companies have recognized its exceptional capabilities in terms of security, real-time control and ease of use and interfacing.

Counting and active localization

CardPass3 complements its access control functions with the management and counting of the people present zone by zone allowing compliance with the limit of attendance authorized. The localization function of users with an active tag also allows monitoring of operators present within the installations with an accuracy of less than 5m. The CardPass3 system is therefore ideal in environments such high danger classified sites, construction sites, tunnels ...

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