Time Attendance software CardAccess3

Simple and inexpensive software to manage work schedules and employee attendance

CardAccess3 by A3M is a program that is easy to install and use to manage brand transfer terminals. Economical and efficient, CardAccess3 helps import or create your employee database, assign time or access control cards, and save a transfer history. CardAccess3 is the ideal program for calculating workers’ working hours.

Simple workday management for companies

CardAccess3 is a simple program to perform time control or access control in a small or medium business. It is very economical and adapts perfectly to the needs of personnel control.

List of users and cards

CardAccess3 allows you to create user and employee data directly, or import it if you already have a database. Then it communicates them to the RFID reader based on their card number. From this moment on, they can sign on and off.

Autonomous card reader terminal

The time control reader is autonomous, it can work offline and records each input or output in its memory, along with the day and time information.

Employee events history

The system administrator can view the events history at any time, as well as export the data in Excel format for further processing. The time worked and the presence of each worker is checked easily and immediately.

Management of door or turnstile opening

In case the automatic opening of a door or a lathe is required, the card reading terminal can be coupled to a standard electromagnetic lock, to give the necessary impulse to open it if the person who presents himself is authorized to enter.

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