CardAccess3 Time and attendance kit

Time attendance software kit

Complete time and attendance control solution in a Plug & Play Kit

The CardAccess3 kit is an inexpensive and easy-to-start solution to manage time attendance in your company. It includes an RFID reader terminal and the CardAccess3 software and uses MIFARE cards or proximity 125Khz cards: the answer to the needs of small and medium-sized businesses.

A workday signing solution with proximity RFID cards

The A3M RFID reading terminal uses, depending on the model, 125Khz technology proximity cards or MIFARE Ⓡ cards (DESFire as an option when the highest security is essential).

Users of the time attendance system

The CardAccess3 program allows you to quickly and easily load the list of users and privileges to the terminal. It is always possible to carry out a registration, change of privileges or cancellation of a card, directly at the terminal, with prior identification by means of the Master card.

Time attendance system in TCP / IP for network connection

The system requires either a permanent or a temporary TCP/IP connection. The terminal has a built-in memory and autonomously records the day, time and card number for each user event. Daily, weekly or monthly, the events stored in memory can be downloaded into the CardAccess3 software for worktime calculations.

An RFID terminal with two relay outputs

It is possible to automatically open the entrance door from the terminal’s relay output. A second relay output is available to trigger an alarm, for example, in the event of presentation of an unauthorized card.

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