Time and Attendance

CardAccess3 is an easy-to-use time and attendance program that provides a solution for SMBs for their schedule control. Its small price and ease of use allow for a quick installation in enterprises without creating high installation or training costs.


Simple and inexpensive software to manage work schedules and employee attendance

CardAccess3 by A3M is a program that is easy to install and use to manage brand transfer terminals. Economical and efficient, CardAccess3 helps import or create your employee database, assign time or access control cards, and save a transfer history. CardAccess3 is the ideal program for calculating workers’ working hours.

CardAccess3 Time and attendance kit

Complete time and attendance control solution in a Plug & Play Kit

The CardAccess3 kit is an inexpensive and easy-to-start solution to manage time attendance in your company. It includes an RFID reader terminal and the CardAccess3 software and uses MIFARE cards or proximity 125Khz cards: the answer to the needs of small and medium-sized businesses.

CardPass3 access control software

CardPass3 is a simple and effective software for access control systems

CardPass3 sets itself apart from the access control software market by its easy and intuitive interface which makes it an efficient and quick to implement access management solution. But it is also one of the most efficient systems for large-scale installations including a large number of acceses by badge through doors or turnstiles, multi-site 4G communications and high-security zones. A system adapted to the needs of both corporate access, gym access and construction site access.