RFID contactless cards

RFID cards are smart cards in which the electronic transfer is done using radiofrequency communication instead of electric contact. They offer the same characteristics as smart cards, but with many additional benefits.

MIFARE: technology, products, use and price

MIFARE is a word you often hear, do you know what it is?

MIFARE ® is a registered trademark, property of the company NXP Semiconductors. The use of MIFARE has become so widespread (more than 70% of market share) that today the term MIFARE is used extensively to designate any kind of RFID product: MIFARE card, MIFARE badge, MIFARE tag, MIFARE label. But MIFARE is a precise technology, which has its strengths and disadvantages which you must know to ensure the compatibility of the MIFARE card with your application.

Proximity 125 Khz ID cards

Proximity badge 125Khz read only technology EM4102 / EM4200

EM4102: this read-only 125Khz RFID access badge allows the use of time clocks in companies for checking access and attendance. Easy to use, this RFID badge avoids mechanical wear and tear of the installations, and is especially appreciated for its greater communication distance (up to about 10 cm) as well as its reduced price.

MIFARE Ultralight card

MIFARE Ultralight is a 13,56Mhz RFID chip reading that is NFC compatible

MIFARE Ultralight ®: a 13,56Mhz high frequency RFID chip that meets the ISO 14443A standard. Developed by NXP, it is appreciated for its ease of use and low cost. Ideal solution to replace traditional barcode ticket systems, this contactless RFID card has an anti-collision system and a communication distance of up to 6 cm.

MIFARE cards

RFID cards with MIFARE 1K and 4K contactless technology

Among the RFID cards, the MIFARE ® 13,56 Mhz card is posted up at the lowest price. A pioneer of passive RFID technology on plastic cards, this MIFARE badge is now widely used in access control, transport and loyalty systems. Taking advantage of a competitive selling price, largely compatible with multiple identification applications, the MIFARE ® card is THE safe bet for your premises access management.

DESFire ID card

MIFARE DESFire ID card with high quality multi-application microprocessor

MIFARE DESFire ® EV2 is the high security chip evolution developed by NXP. This high frequency technology RFID badge in 13,56 MHz, multi-application thanks to its microprocessors and encoding algorithms, allows a high level of security for personal identification on sensitive sites.

Icode SLI S contactless cards

Icode SLI S, 13.56Mhz contactless smart card with long distance communication

RFID card at 13.56Mhz frequency, the Icode SLI S card has a greater reading distance than other members of its family. It is widely used in RFID access control applications, but also for the identification and tracking of goods.

HID iClass ID badge

13.56MHz Contactless Intelligent Card

The 13,56MHz contactless intelligent iCLASS ® card is ideal for its read and write capacity and can be used in diverse applications such as access control, biometric recognition systems, sales without cash, public transport, plane boarding pass issuing and loyalty programs. The use of multiple files, separated to guarantee security, allows it to be used with numerous applications and can be used as a basis for future growth. In terms of safety of identification systems, the iClass ID badge may be considered as an intermediary between the MIFARE Classic ® and MIFARE DESFire ® technologies.

HID Crescendo Cards

HID Crescendo high security multi-technology card

The HID Crescendo card is a high-security multi-technology card that allows the use of physical access and logical access to be combined in a single identification badge in a corporate environment. This RFID card in standard credit card format is thus ready to be used in thousands of applications.