HID Crescendo Cards

HID Crescendo Cards

HID Crescendo high security multi-technology card

The HID Crescendo card is a high-security multi-technology card that allows the use of physical access and logical access to be combined in a single identification badge in a corporate environment. This RFID card in standard credit card format is thus ready to be used in thousands of applications.

Uses of the Crescendo card

Incorporating HID proximity technology (HID Indala® for example), iCLASS®, or other 13,56 MHz technologies, the same Crescendo card can be used in multiple security applications: logical and physical access control, parking access , payment in a company restaurant, in vending machines, use of photocopiers, etc.

Profitable multi-technology RFID and smart card

The Crescendo, thanks to this compatibility with many technologies, with or without contact, allows a considerable reduction in costs. A single badge can thus allow access to several applications of your company, without the need to renew your existing access systems, for more than easy use.

Contact card and RFID easy to install

The software resident in the card is pre-initialized, and includes all the necessary controllers and middleware, making the Crescendo card easy to install. IClass readers use the same power supply as HID readers (5 to 12V), and have simple updates.

HID Technology

Crescendo smart cards used as corporate badge with visual identification of employees can be used for connection to the work station, on production machines, network access, electronic signature and encryption of e-mails and secure documents.


HID Crescendo technology card specifications

- Simple updates - iCLASS readers have the same wiring, and need the same 5 to 12V power supply as HID Prox readers.
- Easy and profitable - Reduces costs by combining several applications in one badge.
- Pre-initialized with the software resident in the card - Includes all the necessary controllers and middleware.

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