MIFARE Ultralight card

MIFARE Ultralight card

MIFARE Ultralight is a 13,56Mhz RFID chip reading that is NFC compatible

MIFARE Ultralight ®: a 13,56Mhz high frequency RFID chip that meets the ISO 14443A standard. Developed by NXP, it is appreciated for its ease of use and low cost. Ideal solution to replace traditional barcode ticket systems, this contactless RFID card has an anti-collision system and a communication distance of up to 6 cm.

Uses of the MIFARE Ultralight ® card

The MIFARE Ultralight ® RFID card: a smart card particularly dedicated to low-cost and large-volume applications, such as public transport tickets (single use tickets, multi-trip, visit package, weekend ticket) , event badge (stadiums, exhibitions, amusement parks) or certain loyalty cards.

Ultralight is NFC compatible

Compatible with the NFC technology, Near Field Communication, the MIFARE Ultralight smart card ® is ideal for integrating identification systems with NFC smartphones that can read and encode this NXP brand chip. MIFARE Ultralight ® can also be easily integrated with existing MIFARE ® infrastructures.

Structure of the Ultralight chip

Like all MIFARE ® chips, the Ultralight ® chip has a unique serial number, in this case 7 bytes. It allows reading / writing with standard RFID badge readers and its 512-bit Eeprom Ultralight memory is organized into 16 pages of 4 bytes each, including 32 bits of programmable single-use area (one-time programmable OTP) and 384 bits for rewritable user data.

Ultralight chip clone

Unlike the MIFARE Classic ® chip, there does not seem to be a MIFARE Ultralight clone. You can therefore buy your Ultralight cards without fear of falsification. However, this RFID chip is now at the end of its life and will gradually be replaced by new generation NFC chips like the Ntag213.

Ultralight smart event bracelet

The price of the Ultralight chip is one of the lowest among contactless chips. Despite its lower security than other chips, it is therefore preferred for short-term access control systems in private environments such as festivals, campsites, concerts. The RFID container or tag is often a smart bracelet rather than a badge, this ergonomics being preferred by customers and their permanent closure prevents the transfer of the Ultralight bracelet from one person to another.

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