Icode SLI S contactless cards

Icode SLI card

Icode SLI S, 13.56Mhz contactless smart card with long distance communication

RFID card at 13.56Mhz frequency, the Icode SLI S card has a greater reading distance than other members of its family. It is widely used in RFID access control applications, but also for the identification and tracking of goods.

RFID 13.56Mhz smart card

The Icode SLI card is a contactless smart card that meets ISO 15693 and ISO 18000-3 standards. Its chip can be detected from 10 cm for standard reading, and up to 2 meters when using special antennas of large dimensions.

Icode chip memory

The memory of the Icode chip is 1 Kbits in standard version. It has a unique 64-bit serial number (USN Unique Serial Number) and protects access to data with a password.

Using the 13,56Mhz SLI card

The Icode SLI chip is specially indicated for logistical control (identification and tracking of containers, pallets, cartons), identification of business luggage for air transport, tracking of courier service shipments, identification of books and library users… Both in badge format for the sake of standardization of reading systems, as in RFID tag format or in hardened tag format.

Icode card sales unit

The Icode SLI card is supplied white or printed in packs of 200 cards each. Each ream contains two lots of 100 cards wrapped in plastic film for a qualitative protection against dust. Printing of the Icode card can be carried out according to the usual techniques: offset printing for logos and color images, or still screen printing for flat and special inks. Contact your A3M sales advisor for professional advice on making your Icode cards.


Icode SLI S chip card specifications

- Contactless data transmission (no contact), no battery required.
- Communication distance: up to 1.5m depending on the geometry of the antennas.
- RFID communication frequency: 13.56Mhz.
- Icode SLI-S ISO / IEC 15693 functionalities: data transfer up to 53 kbit / s, real collision avoidance system, password protection (EAS).
- 2048-bit EEPROM (2 kbit), organized into 64 blocks of 4 bytes each, 4 blocks form a page.
- Data retention over 10 years.
- Number of writing cycles: 100,000 cycles.

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