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Philips’s ICODE SLI S chip technology is ideal for libraries due its enhanced security and privacy features with password protection. Benefits include faster check-out of books, CDs and DVDs, automated management, and much more! Libraries around the world are becoming smarter with Philips RFID chips.

Royal Philips Electronics

Royal Philips Electronics (NYSE: PHG, AEX: PHI) today announced its next-generation ICODE product, ICODE SLI S, which is ideal for the library industry due to its enhanced security and privacy features with password protection. Librarians are able to address many of the challenges found in library management, including reader logistics, material identification and inventory and information storage. The ICODE SLI-S offers increased read performance and is specifically well suited for automated management of media in libraries. With Philips RFID technology embedded, consumers can also enjoy an enhanced library visit, with faster check-out of books, CDs and DVDs. In addition to this self-service checkout, consumers can also serve themselves when making returns. At return, the item is scanned in and automatically sorted by electronic sorting stations which saves library staff time. With RFID technology embedded, consumers and library staff alike enjoy a simpler, more efficient experience.

Several hundred libraries

To date, several hundred libraries worldwide have installed RFID for self-service check-in and check-out, automatic sorting and cataloguing, as well as advanced theft protection; more than 50 percent of these libraries use Philips ICODE technology. As the largest producer of RFID ICs worldwide, Philips has secured design-ins in the public library in Singapore with the largest RFID installation globally of more than 10 million RFID labels in use; the public library of Shen Zhen; Jimei University Library in Xiamen, China, and Europe’s largest RFID installation in libraries, the Munich Public Library.

Jan-Willem Reynaerts

“Library systems worldwide are increasingly moving to standardized technology that is both ISO15693 and ISO 18000-3 compliant,” said Jan-Willem Reynaerts, General Manager, RFID, Philips Semiconductors. “Our ICODE technology is rapidly becoming the technology of choice for libraries around the globe due to its security and reliability features, including excellent reading range, incorporation of open-standard electronic article surveillance anti-theft protection, stable check-in and check-out functionality and its guarantee of strict ISO compliance.”

The US system integrator

Philips has also worked with the US system integrator, Bibliotheca, to supply the Jefferson County Public Library in Denver, Colorado with over 1.2 million custom printed RFID book tags for use in ten libraries in the area. The trend is toward electronic libraries globally with all public libraries in The Netherlands adopting RFID in their systems as well as libraries across North America, including public libraries in Princeton, New Jersey; Oakland, California; Lexington Kentucky; and the Whitby Public Library near Toronto.

Note to editors – About Philips ICODE SLI S

The next-generation ICODE product is offering enhanced security and privacy features via password protection. This new password protection feature prevents unauthorized access to sections of the on-chip memory and allows only authorized parties to have the capability to modify the stored data. The password protection prevents people from illicitly switching off the electronic article surveillance (EAS) anti-theft functionality. In addition, the ICODE SLI-S IC supports customer requirements such as kill and advanced privacy commands.


To meet growing application needs, it features 2 Kbits of on-board memory with a 64-bit unique serial number and 96-bit, one-time programmable electronic product code (EPC). The ICODE SLI-S is fully compliant with ISO 15693, ISO 18000 and HF EPC class-1 protocol standards as well as the widespread ICODE infrastructure. It can be easily integrated into existing projects and is supported by numerous hardware partners. It offers reading speeds up to 200 labels/sec using the EPC inventory command set and 60 labels/sec with the fast inventory read command set.

Additional ICODE SLI-S features include

- 1280 bits programmable user memory
- Operating distances up to 2 m
- Available in volume from Q3 2006
Philips Semiconductors (Source: Philips Semiconductors)

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