DESFire ID card

DESfire ID card

MIFARE DESFire ID card with high quality multi-application microprocessor

MIFARE DESFire ® EV2 is the high security chip evolution developed by NXP. This high frequency technology RFID badge in 13,56 MHz, multi-application thanks to its microprocessors and encoding algorithms, allows a high level of security for personal identification on sensitive sites.

High security DESFire card
High security DESFire card
High Security Algorithm MIFARE card

DESFire EV1 card security

The DESFire EV1 card 3DES encoding algorithm prevents pirated reading or writing of the RFID chip and meets the most critical security needs. DESFire ® complies with the ISO 14443A 1-4 standard and guarantees the anti-collision function. Each DESFire badge contains a unique UID serial number that guarantees its uniqueness and recognition, encoded on 7 bytes. This MIFARE DESFire ® badge is particularly suitable for corporate access control, as a public transport pass card, as a student identification card, or a social security card.

MIFARE DESFire access card
MIFARE DESFire access card
The DESFire card will allow you to use many applications with the same identification card

Multi-application 13.56Mhz RFID card

The 4K DESFire card also allows you to control different applications with the same chip: a maximum of 28 applications, each with up to 8 security keys. Manage your high security access control, the one of other buildings or branches, parking access, your business catering, vending machines, access to photocopiers etc... A whole range of possibilities is offered to you with the access card MIFARE DESFire ®.

Adhesive card on DESFire badge
Adhesive card on DESFire badge
PVC card with adhesive to stick on a DESFire card

DESFire ID card printing

You can print your DESFire cards with one of our card printers, we particularly recommend the 600dpi Nisca C201 Retransfer Printer Resolution. If you plan to reuse each badge for multiple employees one after the other, use our printable adhesive badge by pasting it on the DESFire card. You can take it off to stick a new one; the resulting savings will be significant.

Contactless chip MIFARE DESFire EV1 to EV2 evolution

NXP is evolving its high security NFC chip! The electronic chip DESFire EV2 version has appeared during the last summer 2019. With EV2, your access cards reading will be even faster because the communication distance of this RFID tag with the card reader has been improved.

DESFire chip versions compatibility

A feature that will make your life and your access control system easier: DESFire EV2 is compatible with the EV1 chip contactless functions. Which means that you can either buy DESFire cards in EV1 and EV2 version for your physical access control, it will work in exactly the same way, with just a better distance for the new version.

Other EV2 chip evolutions

Series of additional enhancements have been made, in particular to increase the security level provided in a DESFire card access control. But you can only benefit from these evolutions if your RFID readers and your application are compatible and can evolve to activate certain functions. The most significant developments are as follows.

Rotating DESFire keys

The access keys can be configured as rotating and no longer fixed. In the event of a security breach, the keys of an secluded card can be modified without having to take all the access system cards to modify their DESFire keys.

Separate key management for each application

Key management is now separated for each application stored in the MIFARE DESFire EV2 card, a chip that by definition is multi-application (note that the number of applications is now unlimited, instead of the limit of 28 applications previously put on EV1).

The multi-application card: easier management

The organization using this badge can now order from a subcontractor or integrator a new application that it would need. This integrator will be able to place its own security keys for this application without having to communicate the other used keys or the DESFire card Master Key.

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