MIFARE cards


RFID cards with MIFARE 1K and 4K contactless technology

Among the RFID cards, the MIFARE ® 13,56 Mhz card is posted up at the lowest price. A pioneer of passive RFID technology on plastic cards, this MIFARE badge is now widely used in access control, transport and loyalty systems. Taking advantage of a competitive selling price, largely compatible with multiple identification applications, the MIFARE ® card is THE safe bet for your premises access management.

MIFARE ® contactless card for access control system

The advantage of the MIFARE ® technology is that, like any RFID tag, no physical contact should take place to read or encode this chip card. To swipe in, it is enough to approach the ID card ( MIFARE receiver ) of the tag reader ( MIFARE transmitter ) to carry out the transaction.

MIFARE is synonymous with easiness

The MIFARE tag is easy to use and the applications based on MIFARE ® cards and encoder readers are maintenance-free. The MIFARE card is also known as Vigik, the ID card system that allows electronic access control in residential buildings

MIFARE® chip markets

The MIFARE ® RFID card allows you to control a public transport ticket or loyalty card, event access (stadiums, exhibitions, leisure parks), an electronic purse, corporate identification with personalized card as a badge visitor only as an employee badge.

The MIFARE card in company environment

You probably have a habit of applying for a custom ID card when you go to a company. To place it in a card holder and present it in front of the proximity reader wherever you see controlled access. The MIFARE tag thus ensures the access control security.

What are the MIFARE card functions?

MIFARE is a technology largely used for time attendance solutions. It guarantees that only staff with a card will have access to protected areas (official and administrative bodies, police gendarmerie, companies). The ideal solution for integrators and operators who wish to set up their contactless ticketing system.

MIFARE® 1K card chip structure and memory

Each MIFARE chip is manufactured with a MIFARE® USN Unique Serial Number of 4 or 7 bytes depending on its version. Its memory to write your data is divided into sectors and blocks. There are two versions of the MIFARE card:
The 1K MIFARE card (memory 1Ko) whose memory has 16 sectors of 4 data blocks each, available for writing data.

The 4K MIFARE card and its securing

The 4K MIFARE card (memory 4Ko) whose memory has 32 sectors of 4 blocks each and 8 sectors of 16 blocks. The 1Ko MIFARE card is by far the most used. The 4Ko MIFARE card is generally reserved for biometric access applications with a card or fingerprint where the fingerprint precision is stored in the MIFARE memory.

NXP technology MIFARE card

NXP inventor of the MIFARE® technology and holder of the MIFARE brand: Several RFID chips compatible with MIFARE® are available, but the most used MIFARE card in access control is the one from NXP ( MIFARE NXP ). It offers the expected result guarantee from a renowned RFID chip manufacturer like NXP. For more information on the MIFARE ID card, visit the MIFARE chip manufacturer’s website.

Standard MIFARE® card

The 13.56 Mhz MIFARE card complies with the MIFARE ISO 14443A standard. As a card manufacturer, A3M offers the MIFARE Classic card in premium quality PVC overlay, standard size 86 * 54 mm. The MIFARE card also exists in other formats such as the MIFARE key tag, the MIFARE silicone bracelet, the MIFARE rugged tag or the RFID tags.

Reday to print MIFARE ® card

The RFID chip MIFARE card that we produce has a high quality laminated surface overlay and can be printed with the printer of your choice (Evolis, Magicard, HiTi and especially Nisca which will offer a very good printing quality).
Upon request, A3M supplies your MIFARE ® offset printed cards. You will be able to make yourself the custom access ID cards of your physical access control system.

Why not use the MIFARE card in keyfob format?

The MIFARE badge is no longer only available in MIFARE PVC card format! You can now choose your MIFARE card as a keyfob. A compact size for this completely waterproof RFID badge that tends to be popular in areas where having a MIFARE PVC badge is a discomfort.
Its favorite markets are the swimming pool, the spa, the sports club, the campsite or the aquatic center. You may also use MIFARE wristbands as badges in such environments.


MIFARE chip and MIFARE card specifications

RFID card chip technical characteristics.

RFID radio frequency interface / NFC MIFARE ISO/IEC 14443-A
Data transmission type Tag RFID contactless, passive (no battery)
Communication frequency RFID 13.56 MHz
RFID reader communication speed 106Kbit/s baud rate
RFID reading distance Up to 100mm (according to the RFID antenna geometry)
Typical transaction time <100ms

Access card MIFARE EEPROM characteristics

EEPROM Memory 1024x8bit
MIFARE RFID cards USN unique username Encoded on 4 bytes in hexadecimal, on 7 bytes optional on last generation RFID cards
MIFARE Classic 1K card memory organization 16 MIFARE sectors supporting multi-application
Chip reference NXP MIFARE Classic 1k S50
MIFARE Classic 4K card memory organization 40 MIFARE sectors supporting multi-applicationn
Chip reference NXP MIFARE Classic 4k S70
Memory protection Each sector has its two secret files for key management MIFARE A and B
Endurance 100,000 cycles
Data retention in a MIFARE card 10 years

MIFARE ®, MIFARE Ultralight ® and MIFARE DESFire ®: NXP, B.V. brands, MIFARE manufacturer (previously Philips)

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