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Blank white PVC cards ready to print with any card printer

Manufacturer of blank PVC cards, A3M offers a plastic card that meets the criteria of the largest manufacturers of card printers. Standard size and thickness, the A3M blank card is distinguished by high quality production and a very high level of finish which will allow you to benefit from the best color print quality and the greatest durability of your badges and identification cards printed single sided or double sided. Standard format 86x54mm, thickness 0,76mm. ISO CR80-7810.

Manufacturer of blank white PVC card

A3M offers the blank PVC card at the best price: you won’t find it cheaper anywhere. A white PVC card in standard badge format 86x54mm (usual format for bank cards). Its thickness is 0.76mm, it complies with ISO 7810-CR80.
This white badge is of Premium quality, with a coating called laminate overlay in the jargon of card manufacturers. This means that the blank A3M card is provided on its surface and on each side with a plastic film that receives heat and color transfer by sublimation or thermal transfer. Ready to be printed, you can personalize your blank PVC badge as desired with the guarantee of the best quality.

Quality and finish of the blank PVC badge

The blank A3M badge passes the strictest quality controls because it responds to an extremely precise manufacturing process as imposed by each manufacturer of card printers. The card format badge has perfectly smooth, non-cutting edges and a lamination which is particularly receptive to thermal transfer. This level of finish gives it a superior quality for corporate badges of very good presentation.

Packing of cards in reams

Packed in reams of special, dust-free cardboard to prevent the spread of residue, the A3M PVC identification cards help keep your thermal sublimation printer in optimum condition. The reduced presence of impurities on the laminating surface of the blank card prevents damage to the print head and the drive rollers, parts sensitive to dust, residues or sharp edges. The printer manufacturer’s warranty does not apply in the event of the use of consumables of unsuitable quality.

Exceptional quality / price ratio

Its standard badge format 86x54mm and its controlled thickness of 0.76mm make the white PVC A3M card an ideal consumable to be printed and personalized by badge printers of all brands offering the best print quality. If you are looking to buy PVC cards at the best price, contact us. If you are looking for a badge printer, do not hesitate to consult our selected range of PVC card printers. Contact us also if you wish to obtain the contact details of an official A3M reseller for a local purchase for the PVC plastic card product.

Watch out for cheap cards

We recommend that you pay close attention to the quality of the cards used to print with your card printer: poor quality cards can damage the printhead of your printer (horizontal white stripe on the printed card, see photo) as well its drive rollers due to poor cutting (edges of cutting cards) or impurities on the rolling surface. Please note that the printer manufacturer will refuse to apply the warranty if the consumables are of unsuitable quality.


Specifications of the blank PVC card

Standards and dimensions

ISO Standard C80 ISO 7810
Dimensions of a PVC card 85.60mm long by 53.98mm wide, rounded corners with a radius of 3.18mm (ID-1 format)
PVC card thickness According to ISO 7813, 0.76mm
Material of the badge Generally made of PVC with lamination of a thin heat-receiving layer allowing sublimation printing in a card printer

Recommendations for printing white plastic cards

Be careful about the quality of the plastic cards you buy to print with your card printer. Print on a poor quality card and you can permanently damage the print head or the drive rollers due to poor cutting with sharp edges or dirt embedded in the badge surface. The quality requirement for a magnetic card or barcode printing must be even higher. The contractual warranty of the printers does not cover you in case of use of poor quality consumables, so use the cards of a recognized manufacturer such as A3M.

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