Magnetic cards

Magnetic cards

Magnetic PVC card with ISO HiCo or LoCo track for data encoding

A ISO 7811 3-track magnetic stripe card. Available in high and low coercivity (HiCo and LoCo). The magnetic card is a card identification technology traditionally widely used. Associated with the bank card, it is still used in identification and access control applications: hotel establishments, loyalty card, parking access. Manufacturer of magnetic cards, A3M guarantees the best manufacturing quality and compliance with the ISO standard which will ensure the proper functioning of the magnetic card in your application.

Standard of magnetic tracks

The constraints of the magnetic strip and its physical positioning are determined by the ISO 7811 standard with which the magnetic card must comply. The encoding of magnetic data is thus established on 3 tracks:
- ISO 1 (upper part of the magnetic stripe): 79 alphanumeric characters with 210bpi encoding density.
- ISO 2 (central part of the track): 40 numeric characters with 210bpi encoding density
- ISO 3 (lower part of the track): 107 numeric characters with 210bpi encoding density.

Magnetic card information

The magnetic card used in the form of plastic card has the property of being magnetized in a durable way under the action of a magnetic field. Made up of tiny pigments, each ISO magnetic track contains binary information (0 or 1 depending on the polarization of its particles). It becomes possible to write and read various data such as names or numbers (codes, expiration dates).

Quality of the magnetic card

The magnetic card is available in high and low coercivity (the coercivity measured in oersted represents the measurement of the strength of the magnetic field of this card: HiCo or LoCo). The abrasion resistance of the surface of the magnetic strip influences the longevity of your card, this is why we only produce cards with tracks integrated under the lamination (FLUSH technology) in order to guarantee that your magnetic card be of the best quality. We therefore claim to avoid a deterioration of the badge track, from simple detachments to its complete tearing.

Colorful magnetic track

Thanks to A3M, the tracks on your magnetic cards no longer have to be brown or black! Unleash your creativity by choosing track color from the A3M color swatch. An option available on your high and low coercivity magnetic cards; do not hesitate to differentiate them from the routine of your competitors. This customization is subject to minimum order, please consult us. The color of the magnetic stripe of course does not influence the reading of data from the magnetic card.

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