ID card encoders


Cardream3 card editing software

Cardream3 is an easy to use and affordable software for the creation, printing and personalization of PVC ID cards. Developed by A3M, it is compatible with all brands of card printers. Cardream3 offers an exceptional image optimization engine that maximizes the color printing quality of your badges.

Magnetic cards
Magnetic cards

A ISO 7811 3-track magnetic stripe card. Available in high and low coercivity (HiCo and LoCo). The magnetic card is a card identification technology traditionally widely used. Associated with the bank card, it is still used in identification and access control applications: hotel establishments, loyalty card, parking access. Manufacturer of magnetic cards, A3M guarantees the best manufacturing quality and compliance with the ISO standard which will ensure the proper functioning of the magnetic card in your application.

Magnetic badge encoder
LoWriter USB magnetic cards encoder

LoWriter is a magnetic encoder with high capacities that encodes low coercivity cards and reads high and low coercivity cards. USB connection for greater ease of use. The reading and encoding software is included free of charge. The most economical price for encoding magnetic badges.

HiWriter magnetic encoder
HiWriter HiCo magnetic encoder, USB

HiWriter is the cheapest and simplest HiCo and LoCo magnetic encoder: it reads and encodes your magnetic stripe badges easily for a very reasonable price. A quality reading magnetic head for reading all high and low coercivity ISO cards.

eMini2 smart card reader
eMini2 USB smart card reader

eMini2 is a compact, elegant and easy-to-use USB smart card reader that allows you to read the majority of smart cards on the market at a competitive price. Modern design and confirmation LED for the card reading.

Smart card reader
Smart card and MIFARE card USB Reader

LGM2200+ is an NFC USB reader for reading and writing applications for RFID cards and chip contact cards. It allows you to read and write an NFC badge as much as a MIFARE badge. This RFID card reader offers a modern and compact design, simple to use while offering significant compatibility with the main NFC chips on the market.

TLGM86xx terminal for MIFARE cards
Intelligent Time and Attendance Terminal

With TLGM8600 you will have a complete RFID terminal with advanced functions for controlling access and time attendance, recording the scores at the entry and exit of your company or your site using MIFARE badges or the fingerprints of employees. It will also allow you to calculate the time of attendance or work by downloading the events into the access software.

LGM6xxx MIFARE Ⓡ reader
Desktop reader-writer for MIFARE

The MIFARE USB badge reader A3M LGM6600 is characterized by its speed and reliability of reading RFID badges as well as by its excellent quality / price ratio. It responds to the MIFARE standard to read and write the MIFARE Ultralight badge ®, the NFC badge, MIFARE ®, MIFARE DESFire ® or Icode in 13.56Mhz.