ID card encoders

Magnetic badge encoder

LoWriter USB magnetic cards encoder

LoWriter is a magnetic encoder with high capacities that encodes low coercivity cards and reads high and low coercivity cards. USB connection for greater ease of use. The reading and encoding software is included free of charge. The most economical price for encoding magnetic badges.

HiWriter magnetic encoder

HiWriter HiCo magnetic encoder, USB

HiWriter is the cheapest and simplest HiCo and LoCo magnetic encoder: it reads and encodes your magnetic stripe badges easily for a very reasonable price. A quality reading magnetic head for reading all high and low coercivity ISO cards.

eMini2 smart card reader

eMini2 USB smart card reader

eMini2 is a compact, elegant and easy-to-use USB smart card reader that allows you to read the majority of smart cards on the market at a competitive price. Modern design and confirmation LED for the card reading.

Smart card reader

Smart card and MIFARE card USB Reader

LGM2200+ is an NFC USB reader for reading and writing applications for RFID cards and chip contact cards. It allows you to read and write an NFC badge as much as a MIFARE badge. This RFID card reader offers a modern and compact design, simple to use while offering significant compatibility with the main NFC chips on the market.

TLGM86xx terminal for MIFARE cards

Intelligent Time and Attendance Terminal

A3M TLGM86xx intelligent time and attendance family is a contactless smart card read/write and read only device that supports ISO14443A MIFARE Ⓡ technology.

LGM6xxx MIFARE Ⓡ reader

Desktop reader-writer for MIFARE

A3M LGM6xxx desktop reader family is a contactless smart card read and write device that supports ISO15693, ISO14443A and ISO14443B. It is designed based on a powerful 8-bit Microprocessor to meet a simple and cost effective smart card issuing system requirement. It is easy to use as smart card reader/writer via USB interface / RS232 interface communicated with PC. TCP/IP network version is available as option. It can be placed on metal surfaces.


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