Intelligent Time and Attendance Terminal

TLGM86xx terminal for MIFARE cards

Intelligent terminal for 13,56Mhz MIFARE Ⓡ ID cards with keypad and display

With TLGM8600 you will have a complete RFID terminal with advanced functions for controlling access and time attendance, recording the scores at the entry and exit of your company or your site using MIFARE badges or the fingerprints of employees. It will also allow you to calculate the time of attendance or work by downloading the events into the access software.

MIFARE access control terminal

The proximity terminal TLP / TLGM8600 is an access control terminal for contactless badges in 125Khz technology of the type EM4100 and EM4102, or 13,56Mhz badges with MIFARE ®, MIFARE Ultralight ®, MIFARE DESFire ® etc.

Biometric time attendance terminal

The RFID 8600 terminal is available in a badge + biometrics version, in this case equipped with a fingerprint sensor. This version increases the potential security of your access. It allows to force a double identification of users by badge and fingerprint.

Ergonomics and simplicity of the time attendance terminal

Thanks to its keyboard and LCD screen, the biometric reader is ideal for high security access control applications for which advanced autonomous management, directly on the terminal, is necessary. In applications that may be subject to vandalism, consider the LGM9600-0F vandal-proof memory reader.

Administrator session login

The opening of an administrator session is opened using a Master badge or, in the case of the version with a biometric sensor, by presenting the administrator’s fingerprint. An administrator session makes it possible to register new RFID badges or to modify the privileges of each access badge directly on the terminal.

Time attendance system connection

If desired, TLGM8600 can be connected via RS485 or TCP / IP to your access control system, which allows faster and simplified management of the modification of authorizations. as well as the download of scores made at any time. In this case, we provide an SDK that will allow you to develop your application if you are an integrator, or you can opt for CardPass3 access control software if you are looking for a plug-and-play solution.
MIFARE ®, MIFARE Ultralight ® and MIFARE DESFire ® are trademarks of NXP, BV.

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