Access control door reader with keypad

MIFARE badge reader

13.56Mhz RFID badge reader with numeric keypad

Access control reader for MIFARE badge, Ultralight badge or DESFire badge, ideal for all secure access control applications. Based on the LGM5xxx reader with the addition of a numeric keypad, it is particularly suitable for dual security identification: reading of the RFID badge + PIN code.

13.56Mhz RFID badge reader

Based on the LM/LGM5600 access control reader, it operates at 13.56 Mhz frequency, and depending on the version it works in accordance with ISO14443A and / or ISO15693 standards.

Designed to read MIFARE® and DESFire® badges

The reader allows complete management of MIFARE ® technology badges with control of both the UID serial number and the reading and writing of blocks and sectors with transport keys or modified MIFARE keys. It also allows DESFire / DESFire® EV1 high security badges reading and writing, with codification of pages and passwords.

Reader with numeric keypad

Equipped with a numeric keypad, the MIFARE DESFire® badge reader is used to control user feedback, such as entering a PIN code or indicating the number of occupants in a vehicle.

ID Card reader configurations

The LM5xxx-1 is available in the following configurations: LM5600S-1 reads the UID MIFARE® only, LGM5600-1 reads and encodes the memory of the MIFARE ® badge, LGM5500-1 is a dual frequency reader MIFARE ® + EM 125kHz, LM5100 -1 also reads and encodes Icode ISO15693 badges. SDK available for the development of specific applications.
MIFARE ® and MIFARE DESFire ® are trademarks of NXP, B.V.

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