MIFARE cards reader writer

A3M is specialized in identifying people using RFID technology and offers a range of MIFARE® badge encoder readers suited to the majority of RFID badge reading and encoding needs within access control/time control systems. A wide range with cutting-edge features, ranging from USB card emulation badge readers to TCP/IP access control readers and OEM RFID reader modules.

MIFARE module with integrated antenna

MIFARE® badge reader electronic OEM module for RFID integration

The 13.56Mhz LGM3xxxAT module is a MIFARE OEM badge reader without protective casing. It is the ideal solution for the integrator looking for the possibility of providing an electronic system with a MIFARE ® badge reading and writing interface. Reduced dimensions and advanced features: all the A3M know-how in a flexible RFID reader at an economical price.

Read/write module with separate antenna for MIFARE cards

Mini MIFARE badge reader module with remote antenna for integration

The LGM3xxxA reading writing module in MIFARE technology ® meets the requirements of system integrators, in cases where the MIFARE ® badge reader cannot be positioned next to the antenna due to lack of space or if a large antenna is desired for a greater reading distance of the RFID badge.

LM10U USB reader for MIFARE cards with keyboard wedge emulation

An esay to use reader that reads the UID of a MIFARE ® ID card without the need to program

The LM10U card reader makes MIFARE ® badges reading more easy. It just connects to a USB port and send the data read with keyboard emulation: as soon as a MIFARE ® card enters its communication field, it transmits the chip serial number to the computer which will show it where the mouse cursor is located, whatever the software you are using at that moment.

Smart card and MIFARE card USB Reader

USB MIFARE and Smart reader for reading NFC RFID cards

LGM2200+ is an NFC USB reader for reading and writing applications for RFID cards and chip contact cards. It allows you to read and write an NFC badge as much as a MIFARE badge. This RFID card reader offers a modern and compact design, simple to use while offering significant compatibility with the main NFC chips on the market.

LGM4200 USB MIFARE badge reader with display

LGM4200 is a RFID reader writer with 4-line display ideal for the initialization of badges

MIFARE ® card reader with LCD display. LGM4200 is a USB RFID reader encoder. It is recommended for RFID applications where more user-friendliness and dialogue with the user is desired. It also knows how to manage the maximum security of the MIFARE ID badge thanks to its 4 SAM ports.

LGM5770 13,56Mhz RFID badge reader

LGM5770 is a smart and robust access control reader for 13.56Mhz ID badges

A technological feat that proves A3M’s know-how in terms of RFID badge readers: the new LGM5770 reader for 13.56Mhz RFID badges. A reader endowed with an extraordinary intelligence developed to ensure foolproof reliability, impressive processing speeds and increased security in RFID badge access control systems. A user-friendly RFID reader, IP68 and IK10 whose resistance makes it an essential element of the access system in difficult places like construction sites.

Access Control Door Reader

LGM5xxx is a 13.56Mhz MIFARE and DESFire RFID badge reader for access control systems

The LGM5xxx MIFARE card reader is easy to integrate and implement in an RFID access control system. It fits elegantly into your premises, protruding from the door frame or in a version embedded in technical boxes. Available in TCP/IP, Wiegand, C&D, RS232 or RS485 connection. Compatible with the MIFARE Ultralight NFC chip ID badge, it can be deployed in installations using NFC technology for user identification.

Access control door reader with keypad

13.56Mhz RFID badge reader with numeric keypad

Access control reader for MIFARE badge, Ultralight badge or DESFire badge, ideal for all secure access control applications. Based on the LGM5xxx reader with the addition of a numeric keypad, it is particularly suitable for dual security identification: reading of the RFID badge + PIN code.

125KHz and MIFARE technologies dual frequency Reader

Dual Proximity + MIFARE ® technologies reader for access control

Ideal card reader for companies and administrations that need to use both a previous 125KHz technology with a more modern access control system or time and attendance system based on 13.56MHz MIFARE ® technology.

Discontinued products

The MIFARE USB badge reader A3M LGM6600 is characterized by its speed and reliability of reading RFID badges as well as by its excellent quality / price ratio. It responds to the MIFARE standard to read and write the MIFARE Ultralight badge , the NFC badge, MIFARE , MIFARE DESFire or Icode in 13.56Mhz.

LGMF64X0 is a new generation desktop reader with fingerprint technology and contactless smart card technology. It uses a stable and reliable fingerprint algorithm and scanner with high resolution to achieve high security and perfect performance.

A complete RFID reader for access control that reads MIFARE badge or NFC badge. Ideal for security applications based on 13.56 MHz frequency badges of the MIFARE ®, MIFARE Plus ® or MIFARE DESFire ® technology. The LGM5600-X-2B RFID badge reader offers superior user friendliness thanks to its display and numeric keypad.

With TLGM8600 you will have a complete RFID terminal with advanced functions for controlling access and time attendance, recording the scores at the entry and exit of your company or your site using MIFARE badges or the fingerprints of employees. It will also allow you to calculate the time of attendance or work by downloading the events into the access software.

Our anti-vandal contactless readers share the same electronic base as other readers in the 5xxx family. 1F (with keypad) and 0F (no keypad) readers are A3M’s answer to the need for resistance to physical aggression. The antivandal ID card reader with IP65 protection is particularly indicated for outdoor installations.