Read/write module with separate antenna for MIFARE cards

MIFARE® reader with remote antenna

Mini MIFARE badge reader module with remote antenna for integration

The LGM3xxxA reading writing module in MIFARE technology® meets the requirements of system integrators, in cases where the MIFARE ® badge reader cannot be positioned next to the antenna due to lack of space or if a large antenna is desired for a greater reading distance of the RFID badge.

MIFARE® badge reader with separate antenna

Fully modular MIFARE badge® module since its MIFARE ® antenna is separate from its electronic part. Connected by a noise suppressor cable, it can be deported to optimize the positioning of the components in the global RFID access control system.

Optimization of the reading distance of the RFID badge

The RFID badge reader antenna LGM3600A can be positioned ideally just behind a polycarbonate window to optimize the reading distance of MIFARE ®, MIFARE Ultralight ® or MIFARE DESFire ® access control badges (Icode reader is an option, model reference LGM3100A).

Large MIFARE® antenna

As an option, we offer a RFID antenna with larger dimensions. If the window dedicated to the positioning of the MIFARE ® card allows it, the increased antenna is recommended since it increases the reading distance of the RFID badge by about 2cm. Please take into account when designing the RFID reading system, it is desirable that the plexyglass window protrude by at least 3 cm all around the RFID reader communication antenna. This is to avoid side effects when reading the RFID badge.

RFID badge reader for turnstiles OEM version

The OEM version separate antenna badge reader has been developed for MIFARE card reader applications integrated in access control tripods. Its compactness and modularity allow an ideal placement behind the plexyglass windows provided on A3M turnstiles or other brands. This type of mounting the RFID badge reader in a turnstile offers the greatest reading distance of the badge: no metal part is between the RFID reader and the MIFARE badge.

RFID badge reader for mounting in kiosks

RFID smart card distribution kiosks require a card reader which can also encode data in the RFID chip and the LGM3600A reader offers compactness, modularity, and reading and writing efficiency for MIFARE ®, Ultralight ® and DESFire chips ®. Payment kiosks also benefit from the security offered by the MIFARE A3M badge reader. A reader also appreciated in cashless payment systems based on RFID wristband because it can be easily integrated into all payment machines and kiosks.


LGM3600A MIFARE® badge reader specifications

Dimensions 46x50x1,6mm, mini model available with dimensions 31x31x1,6mm
Weight 15g
Contactless Interface Read and write ISO14443A/B and ISO15693, please contact us for advanced specifications
RFID compatible cards MIFARE ®, MIFARE Classic ®, MIFARE Ultralight ®, MIFARE DESFire ® EV1, Icode
Interface RS232, RS485, TTL, Wiegand 26-56
I/O ports 2 or 3 I/O ports available according to version ( TTL )
Indicators 2 LED, 1 buzzer
Power supply DC 5V +/-5%
Consumption <120 mA
Working temperature -10ºC to +70ºC
Humidity 0 to 95% relative humidity non condensing

MIFARE ®, MIFARE Ultralight ® et MIFARE DESFire ® are NXP trademarks.

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