LGM5770 13,56Mhz RFID badge reader

LGM5770 13.56Mhz badge reader

LGM5770 is a smart and robust access control reader for 13.56Mhz ID badges

A technological feat that proves A3M’s know-how in terms of RFID badge readers: the new LGM5770 reader for 13.56Mhz RFID badges. A reader endowed with an extraordinary intelligence developed to ensure foolproof reliability, impressive processing speeds and increased security in RFID badge access control systems. A user-friendly RFID reader, IP68 and IK10 whose resistance makes it an essential element of the access system in difficult places like construction sites.

13.56Mhz badge reader

LGM5770 is equipped with RFID communication in 13.56 MHz, a frequency generally accepted as ideal for identification and access control systems. The communication of the new A3M reader benefits from optimized electronics and an antenna which have reduced the time required for the electronic badge reading transaction by 70% and increased to almost 8cm the reading distance of a MIFARE 1K 13.56Mhz badge.

A robust and elegant RFID reader

An aesthetic effort was made by the A3M designers to give its flagship reader a modern appearance which contrasts with the usual dark and austere access control readers: harmonious curves, subtle transparency effects, laser marking to distinguish it among all. The aesthetics were not at the expense of reliability: particularly robust, the LGM5770 reader boasts an IP67 rating for water resistance and a mechanical strength index as high as IK10 , it is therefore considered anti-vandal. The ideal RFID badge reader for outdoor access control.

The LGM5770 badge reader is more user friendly

Swiping an ID badge in the workplace is often seen as intrusive and off-putting by users. 16 years of experience in the access control sector have enabled A3M to emphasize the user-friendliness of badge checking. The user has precise information at all times thanks to the color diodes of the LGM5770 reader:
- Blue LED on steady = waiting for swipe in.
- Flashing green LED = access allowed. The LED flashes for the duration of the passage, indicating to the next user that he must wait.
- Fixed red diode = passage refused.

Real-time information for the site security manager

Other LED lighting sequences indicate to the site manager or the warden immediate information on the reason for a denied access, without even having to consult the access management software. Among others:
- 3 red blinks = access denied by the antipassback system (the user did not swipe in for his last access, or "lent" his badge to someone else...).
- 10 red flashes = badge forming part of the access system but not yet assigned to a user. So how come a user is using such a badge?
- 5 red / blue blinks = unknown badge. Intrusion attempt?

Control and access security

The LGM5770 reader is endowed with an intelligence that is vastly superior to traditional RFID readers. The reader provides access security functions such as checking if an ID card belongs to the site where it is being used. Advanced functions which until now had to be managed either by the access control software on the computer, either by the access control electronics placed behind the readers. That introduces potential security breaches and an undesirably slow response when a user presents his ID card to the reader. In addition, the readers can be supervised, restarted, configured or even upgraded remotely.

Modular and adaptable manufacturing of the readers

The manufacturing process used by A3M transforms the new badge reader into a reader adaptable to multiple environments and market sectors. Designed for the tertiary sector, it can be attached to the door jambs. It can also be placed on a A3M full height turnstile or third party turnstile thanks to the different support mounts available: flat, rounded or even custom-made. It can even be transformed into a desktop badge reader with its specific support with a lateral cable outlet.

Tripod turnstile badge reader

The integration of badge readers on a tripod turnstile is often overlooked, this generally results in either a deplorable aesthetic or an alteration of the badge’s reading distance, to the point that users should rub it against the reading window. For these reasons and in order to provide the best user experience, A3M has developed a specific version of the LGM5770 reader with a protective casing specially adapted for its tripod turnstiles TTS1, TTS11 and TTS2A3. The integration of the readers is very sleek and functionally ideal.

Network access control system

The LGM5770 access control reader connects through USB, the only connection capable of ensuring the efficiency and communication speed necessary to take advantage of the exceptional functions of the reader. It turns into an IP network solution when connected to a LGM5770BT electronic access control box. Powerful and efficient, this control electronics is capable of managing all of the access control functions by itself, in real time in conjunction with other electronics, or in stand-alone mode thanks to its advanced intelligence. The LGM5770BT electronic box transforms any access control system into a IOT connected object that can be completely controlled in a remote way by any third-party application. A3M supplies a Rest API for integration purposes.


LGM5770 RFID reader specifications

Communication frequency 13,56Mhz (RFID high frequency)
Read chips types MIFARE, Ultralight, Ultralight C, DESFire, Icode, NTAG, NFC
Communication interface USB2.0
Cable length 85cm or 175cm
User interface 3 programmable color LEDs
Software development SDK available for integration into various systems
Reader support Various supports available: plans, rounded, for counter or custom
Outdoor protection index IP67
Vandal protection rating IK10
Dimensions Height 136mm x Width 60mm x Depth 33mm

MIFARE ®, MIFARE Ultralight ® and MIFARE DESFire ® are NXP, B.V. trademarks.

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