Access control

Manufacturer of RFID plastic cards and readers, A3M offers a complete range of products and solutions for access control and time attendance with a strong focus on value for money.

As a manufacturer of RFID plastic cards and readers, as well as partner for distribution of various manufacturers of card printers, key cabinets or turnstiles, A3M offers a complete range of products and solutions for access control and time attendance specialized VARs.

Tripod turnstile TTS2GT

TTS2GT turnstile

Modern and different, A3M is unveiling its new tripod for managing access to work, sport or leisure centers. A tripod with functions specific to turnstile access control, which can be equipped with a passage management system by badge, barcode or biometrics. TTS2GT is also a design that stands out among the tripod turnstiles: upper cover in black plexiglass, discreet blue LED thread, rounded feet with pictograms integrated by laser cutting. A future best-seller.

CardPass3 mobile access control

Mobile access control: CardPass3 briefcase

A3M mobile access control: a new standalone access control and time attendance system. The CardPass3 briefcase concentrates the elements necessary for access control in an exclusive, modern and mobile compact solution. An access control with RFID id3m badge readers associated with their autonomous control electronics included in the CardPass3 briefcase with possibility of Ethernet or 4G connection. An obvious choice for access control and time attendance in events, in construction site access, in a university, conference or training center.

Autonomous RFID access

Standalone access control with RFID card

You need an economical system to control the access to your business, club, gym, association, business fair? The id3m RFID badge access system is intelligent, autonomous, simple and quick to implement. It is also scalable if in the future you wish to complement it with an access control management or time attendance software. It is also a popular access system for construction sites access as a low-cost solution that can be installed immediately on a full-height turnstile.

LGM5770 13.56Mhz badge reader

LGM5770 13,56Mhz RFID badge reader

A technological feat that proves A3M’s know-how in terms of RFID badge readers: the new LGM5770 reader for 13.56Mhz RFID badges. A reader endowed with an extraordinary intelligence developed to ensure foolproof reliability, impressive processing speeds and increased security in RFID badge access control systems. A user-friendly RFID reader, IP68 and IK10 whose resistance makes it an essential element of the access system in difficult places like construction sites.

Full height access gate

Full height access security gate

The access gate is widely used as a complement to an access control system with full height turnstiles. Made of the same materials and with a passage height identical to the full height turnstile, it meets several needs: disabled access thanks to its width of 90cm or more, passage with bulky objects and emergency exit. A robust and inexpensive swing gate that is also frequently requested in the construction sector for site access.

TTSFHKS Full height turnstile

TTSFHKS Defender turnstile

The TTSFHKS Defender turnstile is a rugged full height safety turnstile that has a great presentation. Ideal for on-site access control systems whose entry and exit must be controlled with certainty: access site, entry and exit of factory, leisure park, industrial zone, 24H gymnasium.

Defender TTSFHD full height turnstile

Defender TTSFHDS rotor turnstile

Defender TTSFHDS is a high security access control turnstile. Full height to deter intrusion, controlled by the Access Management System, it prevents unauthorized entry or exit without the need for human monitoring. Compact and easily transportable, this is the ideal full height turnstile on any site with a difficult access. A best-sellerfor physical access control in companies, sports clubs or gyms and construction sites.

Bridge turnstile for card readers

TTS2A3 bridge turnstile

The TTS2A3 is a bridge turnstile that facilitates the access control systems installation such as MIFARE or 125Khz badge readers, as well as biometric data readers. Its design is distinguished by its inclined top cover, and can also be an interesting option for more comfort when reading access badges.

125Khz badge reader

LP390c 125Khz badge reader

The new 125Khz badge reader benefits from the latest technological advances from A3M in terms of reading capacity. LP390c is a RFID reader that offers a comfortable reading distance for badges in a compact design. A robust and waterproof housing makes it suitable for outdoor access control solutions.

Full height turnstile with platform

Full height turnstile with platform

The anchoring to the ground of a full height turnstile requires the adaptation of the ground before its installation, generally passing through the manufacture of a concrete slab. In the context of temporary access control systems such as on a construction site or access management on events, the turnstile system on a support platform is largely preferable for its ease and simplicity of implementation.

LGM5000 MIFARE ID card reader

125KHz and MIFARE technologies dual frequency Reader

Ideal card reader for companies and administrations that need to use both a previous 125KHz technology with a more modern access control system or time and attendance system based on 13.56MHz MIFARE Ⓡ technology.

Transparent semi-rigid card holders, very good aspect, with clip and safety pin, for promotional events.

Card holders

On this page you will find pictures of the most common models. Please contact us for information on other card holder models. We have a wide range of products with a great price/value ratio.

Tripod turnstile TTS1

TTS1 tripod turnstile

The TTS1 tripod turnstile benefits from the experience of A3M, the leading group of access control systems. It concentrates the main qualities of pedestrian access in a turnstile that is robust, compact and easy to install, at a very tight price. Bidirectional, it is ideal for gyms and for the control of the entry and exit in SMEs, libraries, auditoriums, trade shows etc...

Tripod turnstile mobile access

TTS1HEAD tripod turnstile head

The TTS1HEAD tripod turnstile is compact and easy to integrate into environments where space is limited. It consists of the head of the tripod turnstile, without ground anchor, for direct attachment to a wall or a dedicated support such as a barrier or handrail. Its attachment points in the rear part allow to fix it in the most suitable position for an easy and fast pedestrian crossing.

Plastic wristlets

Identification wristbands

Wristbands are suitable for immediately identifying people during a short duration event like a congress or festival. Although their prestige is not as high as a VIP card, they are really easy to use and with them you make sure you don’t forget your accreditation card in your other jacket! Some special units made of Tyvek material can’t be taken off until you cut or tear them off, so you have an effective visual access control!

Keys control with keys cabinet

Control in sensitive areas

Controlling keys means controlling the access and use of your most important resources. To guarantee maximum security in your accesses, our key management solution offers a diversity of valuable options.

Anti-vandal reader for ID cards

Anti-vandal reader for MIFARE cards

Our anti-vandal contactless readers share the same electronic base as other readers in the 5xxx family. 1F (with keypad) and 0F (no keypad) readers are A3M’s answer to the need for resistance to physical aggression.
Our anti-vandal readers are IP65 particularly indicated for outdoor installations.

MIFARE and 125Khz badge reader

Dual MIFARE and 125Khz reader

LGMP5500 is an exceptional RFID reader: it is equipped with dual frequency communication technology. The reader incorporates two antenas and it offers the ability to communicate with proximity badges in frequency 125Khz and 13,56Mhz badges like MIFARE or DESFire. A reader much appreciated by integrators as it simplifies the migration of an existing 125Khz access system into an up-to-date high frequency access control.

TLGM86xx terminal for MIFARE cards

Intelligent Time and Attendance Terminal

A3M TLGM86xx intelligent time and attendance family is a contactless smart card read/write and read only device that supports ISO14443A MIFARE Ⓡ technology.

MIFARE badge reader

Access Control Door Reader

The LGM5xxx MIFARE card reader is easy to integrate and implement in an RFID access control system. It fits elegantly into your premises, protruding from the door frame or in a version embedded in technical boxes. Available in TCP/IP, Wiegand, C&D, RS232 or RS485 connection. Compatible with the MIFARE Ultralight® NFC chip ID badge, it can be deployed in installations using NFC technology for user identification.

125Khz access control door reader

125Khz access control door reader

A3M LP5500 reader series is designed for reading EM4100 codes or compatible read-only tags. It is an innovative design which is multi-interface in one board. It can be used in office/home security, personal identification, access control, anti-forgery and production control systems, etc.

MIFARE badge reader

Access control door reader with keypad

Access control reader for MIFARE badge, Ultralight badge or DESFire badge, ideal for all secure access control applications. Based on the LGM5xxx reader with the addition of a numeric keypad, it is particularly suitable for dual security identification: reading of the RFID badge + PIN code.

Expo and Eco turnstiles

Expo Eco

The Expo and Eco turnstiles are available to control entrance flow of people at the lowest cost and in every installation where space is limited.

125Khz access control terminal

EM 125kHz Intelligent Time and Attendance Terminal

The LP340 reader is the ideal device to read cards in a 125Khz badge access control system. Compact, with a numeric keypad and a programmable 2 lines LCD display, it is both simple to implement and endowed with advanced features for corporate access management or access control system in a sports club or leisure center.

125Khz badge reader with keyboard

EM 125kHz access control door reader with keyboard

The Proximity LP390-1 ID card reader is a wall reader with a numeric keypad, ideal for access control and electronic transaction applications that require double identification with badge + PIN code. This RFID reader offers more safety and convenience for the access to your premises.

Access control Notre-Dame de Paris

Access control Notre-Dame de Paris

The A3M access control systems equip the most famous sites! Following the terrible fire that devastated the Notre-Dame cathedral in Paris on April 15, the security work for the reconstruction of the monument began this summer. The site managers chose the A3M access control solution with RFID badges. A secure access management solution that is easy to implement. The CardPass3 system is internationally recognized as the most advanced RFID access control.
It is a great pride for us to make our modest contribution to the reconstruction effort of this exceptional monument.


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