Access control Notre-Dame de Paris

The A3M access control systems equip the most famous sites! Following the terrible fire that devastated the Notre-Dame cathedral in Paris on April 15, the security work for the reconstruction of the monument began this summer. The site managers chose the A3M access control solution with RFID badges. A secure access management solution that is easy to implement. The CardPass3 system is internationally recognized as the most advanced RFID access control.
It is a great pride for us to make our modest contribution to the reconstruction effort of this exceptional monument.

Access control Notre-Dame de Paris
Saturday 12 October 2019

Access to the construction site by RFID badge

The access control system installed is based on id3m RFID badge readers. A specialized RFID reader for contruction sites, extremely rugged and user-friendly for easy pointing. This access reader is ultrafast, it systematically answers the pointing instantly. Placed on a full height turnstile in a construction bungalow, the system allows only authorized persons to pass.

CardPass3 Access Management Software

The CardPass3 access control software is installed on a dedicated computer at the security desk. The guardian visualizes in real time the photo of the user passing through the full height turnstile. Registering a new user and assigning their RFID access badge is simple and immediate. The Magicard Pronto badge printer prints the RFID badge with first and last name, company and color photo.

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