Full height turnstile with platform

Full height turnstile with platform

Full height access control turnstile with build-in supporting platform

The anchoring to the ground of a full height turnstile requires the adaptation of the ground before its installation, generally passing through the manufacture of a concrete slab. In the context of temporary access control systems such as on a construction site or access management on events, the turnstile system on a support platform is largely preferable for its ease and simplicity of implementation.

How to install a full height turnstile access control?

Installing a full height turnstile access management solution requires a stabilized ground, hardened and perfectly flat. It is generally necessary to pour a concrete slab or base which serves as a reliable support and allows the installation of the turnstile. The latter will therefore be firmly bolted to this concrete base.
The power supply and data cables must reach the ground, passing through sheaths cast in the slab and coming out at the main upright posts of the turnstile.
In some cases, the customer cannot or does not wish to manufacture a concrete slab and this is why A3M has developed a full height turnstile solution with a build-in platform.

What is a turnstile with build-in platform?

The platform turnstile is a self-supporting gantry for installation where the access solution needs to be installed. When it is delivered, after unloading by forklift (Manitou, Fenwick...) or using a crane, simply place the full height turnstile on the ground where it is to be used. It does not require fixing, its weight of more than 400Kg ensures the necessary stability even on poor quality grounds, gravel etc...

How does the platform simplify the implementation of the full height turnstile?

The A3M platform design offers great ease of transport and positioning of your full height turnstile. Its sandwich structure is designed to let a pallet truck or the blades of a forklift pass in order to move it securely. So just locate it in its final position. In addition, you can fix it on each side to the fence or the cladding to close the accesses and reinforce the whole access security.

Simplified implementation for building site access

Once the full height turnstile is placed you just need to route the cables. For this purpose, the A3M turnstile platform has two cable runs arriving laterally so as to be as little visible and exposed as possible. One is for the power supply cable, the other for data cabling. The wiring can therefore walk under the platform and enter the vertical tubes of the turnstile to be connected to the turnstile’s electronics in the upper roof.

The turnstile transport is easier and ecological

When you order an A3M TTSFHKS turnstile with its platform, it is delivered fully bolted to the support platform. It’s easier for you and saves you time. It is also an ecological means of transporting your full height access tourniquet since in this case the pallet with its wooden frame are no longer used. The studied shape of the platform serves as a support during its transportation.

A complete and turnkey delivered access control system

You can also choose the full height turnstile with the complete A3M access control system. In this case the id3m RFID badge readers are placed on each side of the turnstile to control entry and exit. They are fixed and wired to the LGM5770BT electronic management unit which allows passage through the turnstile. The set can work in autonomous mode or in connected mode to the access control software.

The turnstile on platform is ideal for rental on building sites

A short-term construction site does not justify the purchase of a turnstile system. The full height turnstile on platform is ideal for rental. It is so easy to implement access control and carry out its removal! The overall price of the access management solution is reduced for both visible and hidden costs.

Event management turnstile

During large-scale events, controlling the flow of people is of vital importance. On the one hand, compliance with maximum instantaneous frequentation (IMF) is crucial. On the other hand, the management of possible crowd movements must be effective, pedestrians must be channeled. The full height rental turnstile, on platform, responds effectively to the problem of these events, concerts, festivals, football or soccer matches.

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