Defender TTSFHDS rotor turnstile

Defender TTSFHD full height turnstile

TTSFHDS is a full height turnstile for high security access control

Defender TTSFHDS is a high security access control turnstile. Full height to deter intrusion, controlled by the Access Management System, it prevents unauthorized entry or exit without the need for human monitoring. Compact and easily transportable, this is the ideal full height turnstile on any site with a difficult access. A best-sellerfor physical access control in companies, sports clubs or gyms and construction sites.

Total security of the access control system with the full height turnstile

The Defender full height turnstile is the ideal turnstile for access control systems on sites that require a high level of security and on which entries and exits must be strictly controlled: construction sites, stadiums, industrial zones, amusement park, factory entrances and exits, 24h fitness etc... Its lightened design is a considerable asset that allows the access control turnstile to integrate almost invisibly in many environments.

Bidirectional access control rotor turnstile

The Defender full height turnstile is bidirectional like all our range turnstiles, so it manages both the entries and exits of controlled installations. Configurable, it allows the use of an identification badge reader or biometric reader on each side to control the opening of the access turnstile, or a badge reader to control the entry and the exit set up as free exit or blocked exit.

Signaled passage on the rotor turnstile

Elegant passage indication pictograms are integrated in the turnstile structure. The green arrow and the red cross indicate to users whether their passage is allowed or denied. The diodes used allow a satisfactory visibility even outdoors on a sunny day.

Single passage or double passage rotor turnstile

The Defender Access Control Turnstile is available in TTSFHDS single passage version, and TTSFHDD version with two separate passages in the same structure. The two rotors and their two electronics facilitate the management of entries and exits by the access control system while optimizing the space and the purchase price.

304 stainless steel turnstile, galvanized steel or painted steel

Depending on the environment and the desired resistance, we supply the full-size 304 stainless steel rotor, galvanized, or simply painted steel. In the latter case, unless specific request for concrete color (paying option), the full-height rotor Defender is supplied in powdercoating gray for greater strength, color code RAL7046.

An easy to transport and install full height turnstile

The TTSFHDS full height turnstile is supplied ready to assemble, in four main modules. This allows easier transport and handling and assembly of the turnstile directly on site, in case of difficult access or inability to use suitable lifting means.

Emergency: the panic security function

The panic security function is managed automatically by the access control turnstile’s electronics. A signal from the fire safety system or a power failure immediately releases the passage in both directions, allowing rescue services access and quick evacuation, and then blocks it again when power is restored or the emergency signal is interrupted. An indispensable function on large construction sites, where the turnstile is often coupled to a motorized lifting barrier for vehicle access.

TTSFHD Defender is an ideal construction site turnstile

The Defender full height turnstile is ideal as a construction site turnstile. It is very robust, adapted to the difficult conditions encountered on construction sites. In addition to its economical purchase price, being able to easily dismount and reassemble it and transport it in a simple van or store it without requiring a large height and a considerable floor space, are major advantages compared to its competitors. This is a turnstile building site that you can easily transpose from one site to another.

Construction site turnstile rental

Major builders regularly request the site access management systems rental, especially when the duration of their construction is reduced. Our Defender Turnstile TTSFHDS is particularly suitable for rental. Contact us for a non-binding quote for a rental for the duration of your project. A3M has developed specific constructions sites’ access solutions, so we will be able to offer you the global solution for your access management including the turnstile.


TTSFHDS Full height turnstile technical specifications

Power supply 24 ±3 V
Power consumption 30 W
Rotor arm 3 arms at 120º as standard or 4 arms at 90º
Height 2278 mm
Length 1241 mm
Turnstile frame width 1422 mm
Frame Optional painted steel, galvanized steel, 304 or 316 stainless steel
Net weight 350 kg
Operating temperature -20…+70 °C
LED signage Green arrow passage allowed, red cross passage denied by the access control system
Turnstile manufacturer warranty One year
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