TTSFHKD double passage full height turnstile

Full height security turnstile

Full height turnstile combining two passages in the same structure

The TTSFHKD full-height turnstile offers a large capacity for access control concentrated in a compact structure which houses two passages, each of them with its individual rotor. The turnstile allows the entry flow to be separated from the exit flow. The important height of the access turnstile and its large awning provide maximum security against intrusion.

Full height safety turnstile

TTSFHKD is a full height turnstile that offers maximum robustness and convenience for users with its awning in the upper part which protects from bad weather as much as it prevents crossing and intrusion by climbing above the turnstile.

Double passage security turnstile

The imposing Defender turnstile casing incorporates two rotor modules with their respective arms so as to offer two independent passages. Depending on the configuration, it is possible to use one passage for the entrance and the other for the exit, or allow entry and exit from both sides to increase the flow of passage at the full height turnstile.

Full height double passage turnstile manufacturing

The TTSFHKD access turnstile is manufactured by default in painted steel using a powdercoating technique which ensures maximum adhesion and resistance of the paint to impact and oxidation. For permanent access control installations it is recommended to install its stainless steel version 304 grade or upon order 316L grade for very difficult areas such as swimming pools, aquatic centers or seaside resorts.

Manufacturing quality of the access control turnstile

Besides the high quality materials which are used for its manufacture and reinforced components of the turnstile mechanism, at A3M we attach particular importance to the finishes, and the Defender access control turnstile is not an exception to the quality of our products. An example: the magnificent TIG welds of this turnstile in its stainless steel finish, which connoisseurs will appreciate.

Complete access control based on Defender turnstile

A3M is a manufacturer of complete access control solutions. It is not just a security turnstile that we offer, but the turnkey access solution you wish. We can supply the turnstile with our access badge readers or fingerprint readers mounted and wired, which can be managed by the CardPass3 software. An effective solution, easy to implement and endowed with a really competitive price.

Safety turnstile markets

Our main references and the environments in which our turnstiles are most appreciated are: access control with building site turnstile, access control for high school or school, control of factory entrances and exits, turnstile for gymnasium or 24h sports club.

Painted steel version of the double passage access turnstile

The TTSFHKD full height turnstile is available in painted steel (powdercoating technique for greater adhesion and resistance) in the RAL color of your choice to adapt to your corporate colors or simply to your fence. On this picture you can see the access control turnstile painted in color code RAL7046.

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