Full height access security gate

Full height access gate

Full height manual gate for access control in factories and worksites

The access gate is widely used as a complement to an access control system with full height turnstiles. Made of the same materials and with a passage height identical to the full height turnstile, it meets several needs: disabled access thanks to its width of 90cm or more, passage with bulky objects and emergency exit. A robust and inexpensive swing gate that is also frequently requested in the construction sector for site access.

Secure access gate attached to the turnstile

Manufacturer of pedestrian access control turnstiles, A3M manufactures access gates adapted to Persons with reduced mobility. Such gates are intended to be attached to the full height turnstiles. The frame of the gate attaches to the anchors of the TTSFHK turnstile or TTSFHD turnstile as both offer a robust and rigid support base. Sharing the same concrete base, the base of the access gate has several holes to anchor it firmly to the ground.

Access gate with access control system

The A3M access gate is delivered in standard with a door-closer which controls its progressive closing. An electromagnetic lock ensures locking as soon as the gate comes to the closed position. Card readers or biometric scanners can be placed on the gate so that it is subject to the turnstile access control system. As an option, an electromagnetic strike can be placed instead of the standard suction cup.

Passage width adapted to persons with reduced mobility

The standard width of the access gate is 90cm to correspond with the regulations for reduced mobility persons passage. The gate is often used as a passage for bulky objects, pallets or small machines which require a greater width and this is why we offer the manufacture of tailor-made site gates. The maximum manufacturing dimension for the access gate is 140cm.

Stand-alone access gate

As much in construction site access as in factory access, the full-height passage gate is not always attached to a turnstile. In this type of installation, a special version of the A3M access gate is provided with a frame whose longer vertical upright posts are designed to be sealed in the concrete slab}} serving as support. This gate is ideal in addition to metal gates and fences with access control systems with badge reader.

Closing the space with fixed panel

In many installations, the turnstile and its gate are too small to close all of the available space. It is then necessary to make one or more fixed panels of the length just necessary to close this space. The fixed panel can be manufactured to share the same frame with the gate in the case of a short aditional length. If longer lengths are mandatory, A3M will manufacture a fixed panel as additional part that may be fixed on site by sealing, bolting or welding.

Material and finish of the rotary access gate

We manufacture your disabled access gate in several versions of material and finish. For temporary access control installations or less aggressive environments such as access to construction sites, fencing in general, manufacturing is carried out in steel tube with polyurethane paint on anti-rust underlay or direct powdercoating. For permanent access gate installations, or when the chemical aggressiveness of the premises becomes significant (swimming pools, freight or pleasure ports, seaside), the preferred steel will be stainless steel in 304 grade or even 316L grade SS.

Motorized half-height bidirectional access control gate

If your need is more convenience than security, the full height gate will certainly be considered too intrusive. A3M manufactures a wide range of motorized access management gates for all types of environment: interior or exterior installations, with metal arch, with glass or plexiglass casement.


Full height access gate specifications

Clear passage height under gate frame 200cm
Clear passage width From 90cm ( minimum Persons with reduced mobility PRM access ) to 140cm
Gate closing system By door brake (door closer)
Access gate locking and access control enslavement By suction cup or electromagnetic strike
Building site gate type of control Manage entries and exits
Manufacturing material Painted steel, galvanized steel or stainless steel 304 or 316L gate
Full height gate painting Powdercoating or anti-corrosion polyurethane paint
Finish color As standard RAL7046, other custom RAL colors
Fixing method Freestanding or attached to the turnstile
Fixed panel Tailor-made, to close the passage space
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