LP390c 125Khz badge reader

125Khz badge reader

LP390c is a new 125Khz ID card reader for access control systems

The new 125Khz badge reader benefits from the latest technological advances from A3M in terms of reading capacity. LP390c is a RFID reader that offers a comfortable reading distance for badges in a compact design. A robust and waterproof housing makes it suitable for outdoor access control solutions.

Latest generation 125Khz reader

The LP390c RFID card reader is a 125 kHz reader developed to read all access control badges using RFID chips like EM4102 and TK4100. A new model in the 2020 A3M range of ID card reader, it is equipped with latest generation components which allow it to be much more efficient than its predecessors.

A compact and efficient RF reader

Almost half as wide as the LP390 reader it replaces, the LP390c badge reader is nevertheless endowed with a greater reading distance as well as greater immunity to metallic parts which surround it. It can read a proximity badge at a distance of approximately 8cm.

125Khz badge reader connectivity

This new 125 kHz A3M badge reader is available in all standard connections currently used for access control systems: Wiegand, RS232, RS485. The RFID reader will be easily integrated with the majority of access control electronics from any manufacturer thanks to the standard technology it implements for the identification of users.

Ease of integration in a time attendance system

The very favorable aspect ratio of the LP390c badge reader, in particular its very small width, simplifies its integration within the framework of controlled doors in companies, construction sites, administrations, sports clubs or universities. It can be mounted on door frames, on the uprights of security turnstiles or on fence pedestals.


LP390c proximity reader specifications

RFID badges Proximity badges EM4100, EM4102, TK4100
Reading frequency 125Khz
Reader connection Wiegand, RS232 and RS485
Power supply 9 to 12V
Dimensions 118x44x20mm
Manufacturer warranty One year
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