125Khz access control readers

A3M manufactures an extensive range of readers / writers for contactless smart cards with 125KHz technology. These readers are targeted to integrate into access control solutions.

LP10U 125Khz reader with keyboard wedge emulation

LP10U is a 125Khz reader in USB with keyboard wedge emulation for access control systems

125Khz USB ID card and tag reader: LP10U is a simple and fast device to read the serial number of an EM4102 or 125Khz ID card. Its keyboard wedge emulation eliminates the need for software programming. LP10U connects to the USB port and transmits the data read to your computer and so it appears on your screen where your cursor is positionned.

EM 125kHz mini desktop reader

Desktop reader with keyboard wedge connection to read card instantly

LP200 desktop reader is a low cost solution for EM4100 and issuing and programming for compatible cards. It is a very easy to use device and provides RS232 and PS2 output data format for direct communication with your PC.

LP390c 125Khz badge reader

LP390c is a new 125Khz ID card reader for access control systems

The new 125Khz badge reader benefits from the latest technological advances from A3M in terms of reading capacity. LP390c is a RFID reader that offers a comfortable reading distance for badges in a compact design. A robust and waterproof housing makes it suitable for outdoor access control solutions.

125Khz access control door reader

Door reader designed for access control system based on 125Khz EM cards

A3M LP5500 reader series is designed for reading EM4100 codes or compatible read-only tags. It is an innovative design which is multi-interface in one board. It can be used in office/home security, personal identification, access control, anti-forgery and production control systems, etc.

Dual MIFARE and 125Khz reader

Dual frequency access control reader for MIFARE and 125Khz identification

LGMP5500 is an exceptional RFID reader: it is equipped with dual frequency communication technology. The reader incorporates two antenas and it offers the ability to communicate with proximity badges in frequency 125Khz and 13,56Mhz badges like MIFARE or DESFire. A reader much appreciated by integrators as it simplifies the migration of an existing 125Khz access system into an up-to-date high frequency access control.

Discontinued products

EM 125kHz access control door reader with keyboard

LP390-1 is a 125Khz reader for proximity contactless cards with a convenient keypad

The Proximity LP390-1 ID card reader is a wall reader with a numeric keypad, ideal for access control and electronic transaction applications that require double identification with badge + PIN code. This RFID reader offers more safety and convenience for the access to your premises.

EM 125kHz Intelligent Time and Attendance Terminal

125Khz proximity badge reader with keyboard and 2-line display

The LP340 reader is the ideal device to read cards in a 125Khz badge access control system. Compact, with a numeric keypad and a programmable 2 lines LCD display, it is both simple to implement and endowed with advanced features for corporate access management or access control system in a sports club or leisure center.


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