125Khz access control door reader

125Khz access control door reader

LP390 125Khz EM4102 reader for access control and time attendance

The proximity badge reader LP390 is a wall reader for access control installations. Compact, with a pleasant design, it was designed to instantly read the serial number of 125Khz EM4102, TK4100 and compatible badges.

125Khz LP390 Access Control Reader

Ideal for all access control, passage control, time control and electronic transaction by proximity badge applications. A simple and efficient reader with a shell with a modern and elegant design to integrate into any environment.

125Khz badge reading

Approaching an EM4102 125Khz badge a few centimeters from the reader causes the serial number of the badge chip to be read and sent. Reading is fast and the communication distance comfortable for natural use of the badge.

Access control reader connection

The LP390 badge reader is available in all the connections usually used by access control integrators and installers. Wiegand 26 and Clock & Data industrial protocols, RS232 and RS485 serial connections.


Specifications of LP390, 125Khz badge reader

Type of cards and badges supported EM4100, EM4102, TK4100 and compatible
Data format Wiegand26 / 40, C&D, RS232 / RS485, ABA1 / 2
Operating temperature -20 ° C to + 60 ° C
Reading distance 0 to 10cm, depending on the type of badge
Indicator LED status; Power; Buzzer
Shell ABS
Indoor / outdoor installation Electrical protection, IP65
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