Dual MIFARE and 125Khz reader

MIFARE and 125Khz badge reader

Dual frequency access control reader for MIFARE and 125Khz identification

LGMP5500 is an exceptional RFID reader: it is equipped with dual frequency communication technology. The reader incorporates two antenas and it offers the ability to communicate with proximity badges in frequency 125Khz and 13,56Mhz badges like MIFARE or DESFire. A reader much appreciated by integrators as it simplifies the migration of an existing 125Khz access system into an up-to-date high frequency access control.

Dual frequency access control reader

The A3M LGMP5500 reader is a dual technology contactless badge reader: it uses both the ISO 14443A protocol (MIFARE Standard ®) and the 125kHz communication for EM4102 badges. A technological challenge since the reader remains compact, its housing is also the same as the other RFID readers of the A3M LGM5xxx range.

Dual reader for scalable access control

This dual-frequency reader allows users of access control systems to gradually migrate from a 125 kHz installation to a secure access control system using MIFARE ® or DESFire ® technology. New sites can be equipped with MIFARE ® readers; nevertheless 125Khz personal badges will be recognized on older sites of the same company or organization. Particularly interesting for multinational companies whose access control equipment varies according to each country.

A widely compatible RFID reader

The LGMP5500 RFID reader is compatible with the majority of access control systems on the market, and can be used in an RS232, RS485 or Wiegand 26 network. It is available in an IP65 version for outdoor installations. Simple reader or reader with keypad or with a 2 lines display as an option. Operation in badge or badge + PIN mode.
MIFARE is a brand of NXP, B.V.


LGMP5500 access reader specifications

The Dual RFID reader is available on special order with a numeric keypad.

Contactless interface Read and write MIFARE Ⓡ ISO 14443A standard and read only EM4102 and compatible
Communication frequency 13.56 Mhz and 125Khz
Reading distance From 0 to 5 cm depending on the transponder in MIFARE, from 0 to 8 cm in 125Khz
Reader connection Wiegand 26, RS232, RS485 or TCP/IP
Wiring Cable connector on rear part
Communication speed 9600 - 115200 baudrate (default 115200)
Status indicators Two-color LED and buzzer
Power supply DC 9 -12V
Power consumption Less than 120 mA
Operating temperature -25ºC to + 65ºC
Operating humidity 0 to 95% relative humidity without condensation
Case material ABS
Manufacturer warranty 1 year
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