Card readers

125Khz USB card reader

LP10U 125Khz reader with keyboard wedge emulation

125Khz USB ID card and tag reader: LP10U is a simple and fast device to read the serial number of an EM4102 or 125Khz ID card. Its keyboard wedge emulation eliminates the need for software programming. LP10U connects to the USB port and transmits the data read to your computer and so it appears on your screen where your cursor is positionned.

LGM5770 13.56Mhz badge reader

LGM5770 13,56Mhz RFID badge reader

A technological feat that proves A3M’s know-how in terms of RFID badge readers: the new LGM5770 reader for 13.56Mhz RFID badges. A reader endowed with an extraordinary intelligence developed to ensure foolproof reliability, impressive processing speeds and increased security in RFID badge access control systems. A user-friendly RFID reader, IP68 and IK10 whose resistance makes it an essential element of the access system in difficult places like construction sites.

LM10U USB reader for MIFARE Ⓡ cards

LM10U USB reader for MIFARE cards with keyboard wedge emulation

The LM10U card reader makes MIFARE Ⓡ badges reading more easy. It just connects to a USB port and send the data read with keyboard emulation: as soon as a MIFARE Ⓡ card enters its communication field, it transmits the chip serial number to the computer which will show it where the mouse cursor is located, whatever the software you are using at that moment.

125Khz badge reader

LP390c 125Khz badge reader

The new 125Khz badge reader benefits from the latest technological advances from A3M in terms of reading capacity. LP390c is a RFID reader that offers a comfortable reading distance for badges in a compact design. A robust and waterproof housing makes it suitable for outdoor access control solutions.

LGM4200 MIFARE® badge reader

LGM4200 USB MIFARE badge reader with display

MIFARE® card reader with LCD display. LGM4200 is a USB RFID reader encoder. It is recommended for RFID applications where more user-friendliness and dialogue with the user is desired. It also knows how to manage the maximum security of the MIFARE ID badge thanks to its 4 SAM ports.

Smart card reader

Smart card and MIFARE card USB Reader

LGM2200+ is an NFC USB reader for reading and writing applications for RFID cards and chip contact cards. It allows you to read and write an NFC badge as much as a MIFARE badge. This RFID card reader offers a modern and compact design, simple to use while offering significant compatibility with the main NFC chips on the market.

MIFARE badge reader with keyboard display

Reader for MIFARE ID cards with LCD display and keypad

A complete RFID reader for access control that reads MIFARE badge or NFC badge. Ideal for security applications based on 13.56 MHz frequency badges of the MIFARE ®, MIFARE Plus ® or MIFARE DESFire ® technology. The LGM5600-X-2B RFID badge reader offers superior user friendliness thanks to its display and numeric keypad.


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